Latto, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Keke Palmer bring you music news this week (2023)

1. Jharrel Jerome – Chinatown

Source: jharreljerome

Hip-hop artist and award-winning actor Jharrel Jerome releases his highly anticipated new single,"Chinatown".

The song is the first teaser for new music from his upcoming debut album,not my peoplewill be released later this year. The project will be released as a series of 4-part packages, each representing a different aspect of Jharrel. first pack,he is looking for a package,can now pre-storehere.

Co-written by Jharrel and inspired by his native New York, Chinatown is a thoughtful and impressive showcase of this rising artist, allowing him to develop his deft and energetic lyrical skills. The song's lilting piano playing, punctuated by strings, horns, and the clamor of subway cars, invites the listener into Jharrel's world.

His debut album has over 5.5 million streams on Spotify alone"Really (feat. Kemba)"Jharrel continues to generate interest, recognition as an artist to watchBillboard, UPROXX, BuzzFeed, Essence,and more. he followed up with his 2022 singleWho is "someone I am not"fadercommend"Spiritual beats and Jerome's catchy, introspective beats."

This year, Jharrel will star and executive produce the Amazon seriesi am missFrom writer-director Boots Riley, premiering June 2023. Soon, he will star opposite Steven Soderbergh in the HBO Max seriessymboltwowheelAnd will play wrestler Anthony Robles opposite Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming film,unstoppable, od Artists Equity i Amazon.

2. Dean Hitchcock - wow

izvor: deantevh

grammy nominated rapperproduced by hitchcockAnnouncing the imminent premiere of the long-awaited second albumonce, Varney10 housesbackByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records.

onceis the emotional roller coaster ride that Deante experienced with his romantic partner and the birth of their son Otto Saint Hitchcock. Concept design in the style of Kendrick LamarGood Boy, M.A.A.D. Cityor gamesdocument,onceCreates a clear and complex narrative about the insecurities and emotions men often face in life but don't always express to women.

"At a turning point in my life, the world as we know it seemed to stop spinning completely. I watched our world change, and in the midst of it all, I gave birth to a son, became a father, and watched my world There's been a change."He saidcompletein the statement."When you read the word 'son' it seems damn ironic, like I look at the sun in the sky until it's an almost blinding ball of reflective blue light and my son comes to this world, has brought a brightness to my life that rivals his homonym. His mother and I are eternally happy and grateful for our angel, our saint. The story of how we got here is not a fairytale, but I will Doing my best to tell you in the best way I know how.”

The announcement coincides with his latest single titled"Ouba!"A high-octane rap version that showcases Deante's Southern pride and unique lyrical style. Fueled by the production of "Wow!" is a stylish new offering from the Atlanta-based artist. The music video for "Wow!" is also out today and the director iscaleb sears(Dreamville, Playboi Carti, Kevin Gates), the visuals pay homage tothe taste of loveand other cult reality dating shows.

3. Kamos - sloboda govora

Source: kamosmusic

Originally released as a single in 2022, it was later added to his second volume828will be EP,CamosRelease the official artwork for the song "Free Speech". break on the small screenRe: VCTmade a work he directedworldAnd as the debut promotional video for up-and-coming Bronx Bar Smith828full length. The instant high-definition clip shows how politically motivated speech can easily be misinterpreted and lead to public condemnation or even cancellation. Kamos gushed: "Am I really slow to talk? I have questions to ask, but I'm kind of scared to speak. I don't want the culture to shut me down because of a tweet. You point at me whose fault is it?"

In a press release, the East Coast leader revealed:

"Freedom of speech came after I was told that the next song I was going to release might be too harsh or too liberating for people to digest. It caused me to have a writing block all day because when your ideas are judged, What it means to write. This record is the result of my attempt to resolve this inner creative conflict."

4. Sid Sriram - Ples

Source: sidsriram

Singer, songwriter, performer and Bollywood playback star Sid Sriram has released a new music video for "Do The Dance" via Def Jam Recordings. Directed by Tanima Mehrot, with support from UCLA's Raas Bataaka Dance Company, and filmed at a Malibu Hindu temple, the film offers a glimpse into the vibrant and colorful elements of Sriram's world.

Sid Sriram will also embark on a series of supporting Bon Iver tours in August, including Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. "Do The Dance" is a preview of Sriram's upcoming debut English-language album. addressingsiddha, the album was recorded at Justin Vernon's studio in Ixclair, Wisconsin, produced by Ryan Olsen, with support from Vernon himself.

Sid Sriram, 32, has been sharing his powerful, high-pitched voice with audiences in India and around the world for years; today, he is one of the most popular Bollywood singers of the past decade. Born in Chennai, India and raised in Fremont, California, Sid Sriram learned Carnatic music from his mother, whose education formed the foundation of Sriram's musical career. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, I accidentally met Indian composer and film musician, two-time Oscar winner A.R. RamASriram then returned to Chennai to pursue a career as a playback singer and Rahman commissioned Sriram to write his first Tamil and Telugu songs in 2013. Since then, he's amassed hundreds of millions of streamers and a legion of die-hard international fans.

New single "Do The Dance" and upcoming album recall the musical pedigree of his home country, where he has lived since 2015, from the R&B, indie rock and American pop styles he grew up as a musician Get inspired. Children of Bay Area immigrants in the 1990s and 2000s. In doing so, she hopes to find a way to convey "truth" through deeper personal exploration and connect to her core identity in music.

(Video) Nba Youngboy BM Drea Says He’s A Dęadbeat To Their Daughter😳➕Keke Palmer Shades Latto 0ver Nicki🥴

5. Fuego base - Kamba's largest base

Source: fuegobase

Big BSF is back! Benny The Butcher's latest BSF Fuego Base label signing has just released his debut Black Soprano Familybiggest since camby.

A rising star from Hartford, Connecticut, Fuego has built a reputation for his incredible wordplay and innate storytelling abilities. Fuego joins Benny and Rick Hyde after signing with Benny's BSF imprint in 2022The fire at Charlie Sloth's stall,Then appeared on BSF's "Intro" with Westside Gunn later that yearLong Live DJ Shayalbum.

Now Fuego Base is taking the next step towards its official BSF debut project,biggest since camby(The title of the project is an ode to former Hartford, Connecticut basketball star Marcus Camby.) Now available, the project features performers including Benny The Butcher, Havoc, Sheek Louch, 38 Spesh, Uncle Murd, OT The Real and other black members of the Sopranos family.

"I wanted to have a big impact on the game, that's why my album was calledbiggest since cambyBase Fuego explains. "We're from Hartford, it's a forgotten place, but thanks to the platform Benny gave me and being a part of BSF, I got to know the city. I really rap too! Tell my mom I'm a rapper."

"The bases remind me of me, and Hartford is like Buffalo," assured Benny the Butcher. "The guy is hungry, and when you're that hungry, you can rap better than that guy and shine.Greatest Kamba! "

After posting,biggest since camby, Fuego Base, featuring "The Warehouse" featuring Benny The Butcher and OT The Real, also released a new cover for the single.

fire basebiggest since cambyAvailable now via BSF Records.

6. Khemist featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff - Night Night

Source: khemist_lv

Khemist Mayfield's latest single, "Night Night," featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff, follows the troubles in the trenches to the challenges of superstardom. The Philadelphia native mixes a variety of live instruments to bring his stories to life.

Khemist's emotional flow captivates listeners as he discusses how he overcame violence, con men, and being intimidated by being a phenomenal artist. In the second section, he states how successful he has been as an independent artist and new releases in the hip-hop space. "Night Night" is the first single from their upcoming album A List Of Demands. Executive produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, the album will be released later this year and feature guest appearances by Bilal, Michael Eric Dyson, Ursula Rucker, Selekt XXX, CJ Johnson (of OH HE DEAD) and Black Buttafly.

7. Bree Runway i Khalid - Be The One

izvor: Brie Runway

Pioneer-pop star Bree Runway teams up with global superstar Khalid on their stunning new single "Be The One," now available via Motown Records.

An incredible collaboration between two musical visionaries, "Be The One" is a contemporary love song destined to become a classic as it showcases Bree's dynamic, genre-spanning artistry and undeniable talent. The song is about two friends who are looking for love. The track opens with hazy, sun-drenched guitar strums, and then everything blossoms as energetic R&B beats and watery techno meld with layered, heart-wrenching harmonies. The undeniable chemistry between Brea and Khalid is woven together, and their eerie, evocative vocals and heartfelt lyrics deftly capture the tense hopes, fears and excitement of two people in love with each other.

Speaking of the song, Bree said: "This collaboration is special to me for more than one reason; I'm obsessed with the song; our voices fit perfectly. She was magically born during a studio meeting; I love Khalid because of his easygoing and amazing personality, I am proud to call him a friend and now a musical collaborator. This release will be big and very excited for the world to hear!"

Khalid added: “I was a fan of Brea long before I met her and I have always been a fan of her craft. She has always been a superstar in my eyes and I look forward to sharing this moment and being with what I can call Work with people who are true friends!"

The racy video further reveals the relationship between Brea and Khaled. Filmed in Los Angeles by Zachary Bailey (U2, Offset), and set against breathtaking vistas of deserts, mountains, and wide-open oceans, it's an entertaining exploration of love and friendship.

8. Moneybagg Yo by OneShotAce – Building Blocks


OneShotAce is an emerging artist from Boston, MA who offers great versatility, combining music with pain and exercise in his own unique style.

After posting,high pressure, in late 2022, OneShotAce returns to announce his next project, which includes collaborations with Benny The Butcher, Harry Fraud, Rowdy Rebel, Sheff G and Millyz,SecondfunnyDangerIt will be released on April 28th.

(Video) Latto - Lottery (Official Video) ft. LU KALA

big threatOn the first single, Ace collaborated with Moneybagg Yo on "Blocks," which is now available on all DSPs. Now they have released the music video for the single.

"Working with Moneybagg Yo was a big deal; he's by far one of the greatest artists in the business I've worked with," exclaims OneShotAce. "We drove up to his studio in the A's and we were so excited, he jumped on his skateboard and went crazy. I can't wait for the world to hear."

9. YoungBoy never fell again – don’t try this at home

Source: nbayoungboy.16x

Louisiana Grammy-nominated rapper YoungBoyNever Broke Again has released his highly anticipated new album Don't Try This At Home via Never Broke Again/Motown Records. YoungBoy Never Broke Again is now one song shy of hitting the top 100 on the Hot 100. He will be the youngest artist ever to reach this milestone.

The album features songs from Post Malone and The Kid LAROI, as well as the recently released single"Fuck"nicki minaj i"Rear view"with the scientist Maria. With over 30 billion streams and 109 RIAA-certified recordings, including three platinum or double-platinum albums, NBA YoungBoy is one of the most streamed artists in the world, and Don't Try This At Home is his 's sixth album.uprightA full-length studio album added to his canon. YoungBoy was the third most streamed artist in the US last year (according to Luminate), behind Drake and Taylor Swift, and is currently number one on YouTube's top artists page.

On this 33-song album, LP goes all out, deftly managing his signature tracks, slipping in and out of sharp lyrics and catchy melodies.

2023 has typically been a prolific year for the 23-year-old rapper, who only dropped his previous project, I Rest My Case, in January. The album debuted at No. 9, becoming YoungBoy Never Broke Again's fifth consecutive top 10 hit on the Billboard 200. NBA YoungBoy in particular dominates YouTube, where he is the #1 streamed live artist across all genres with over 12 billion views.

final coverThe Power of Billboard 100On the release, YoungBoy noted on the cover that he was looking forward to the changes for the album, stating that "I'm curious about who I'm going to be". Also in 2023, YoungBoy Never Broke Again was voted XXL Awards People's Champion by readers.sourcelisted him as one of the "Top 5 Hip-Hop Artists of 2022", calling him "one of the most prolific rappers in the world".OK playerSay, "For every mood you can think of, there's a YB song."NPRBest quote: "YoungBoy seems to be hitting the upload button: he's prolific but consistent, always active and always online, uploading at whatever pace the algorithm wants."

10. Caviar Sunday - Love Games


The Kaviar Sundays are back in action with the release of their new single "Love Games". Bringing us familiar moods, like his hit song "Quest," "Love Games" brings out the lover in you. With a vulnerability we're seeing for the first time, the song brings a softness, soulfulness and a different approach than we've seen from her before. His sonic versatility allows us to open our hearts to whatever the future may bring. So if you have the most important thing, take it seriously, or just play a song that feels good to you. This one is for you.

11. Buju Banton on Snoop Dogg - High Life

Source: bujubanton

multiple grammy winnerbillboardTop artist and international reggae icon BujuBanton has released a new single titled "High Life" featuring Snoop Dogg via Roc Nation Records/Gargamel Music/Def Jam Recordings. With our message of being above the clouds but keeping our feet on the ground, "High Life" is the first official collaboration between these two legendary pioneers, establishing a direct link between Jamaica and LBC for the first time.

The song features a charming nod to dance moves, complete with horns and hazy synths. From the start, Buju happily delivers a rousing and irresistible chorus, only for Snoopy to respond with a reggae beat, insisting:"Oh Mary Jane, can you take me home?"Almost, this smoker's anthem is just in time for 20.04.

"High Life" lays the groundwork for Buju's eagerly anticipated fourteenth full-length album later this year, his first since 2020's critically acclaimed LP.upside downdown2020, which earned a Grammy® nomination in the category"Best Reggae Album"with well-deserved enthusiasm“4 out of 5 stars”Views from both sides of the pond come fromthe guardanda rolling stonesuitable.

12. Armani White 的 A$AP Fergom - Silver Tooth


claim they arethisGold-certified charismatic West Philadelphia rapper Armani White is once again a breakout New Artist of the Year with a catchy new single titled "SILVER TOOTH." [feat. Ferg] today on all platforms. This paves the way for the release of the highly anticipated debut EPDamn Casablanco., arrives May 5 via Def Jam Recordings.

It pops out to the unbreakable, undeniable beat of "SILVER TOOTH." Armani recalled:"I had a silver tooth when I was a kid.Meanwhile, Harlem celebrity Fergie produced a charming and hilarious interlude with the following moves:"I have diamonds in my socks.It stands out as a quirky but very appealing sausage, emblematic of Armani's always surprising signature style.

13. Vic Mensa ft. Chance The Rapper & G-Eazy – $WISH

Source: Vice-Mensah

(Video) Nba Youngboy Babymama Starr & Ex SideChick Arabian Drag Each 0ther Over YB & New YB Tattoo🥴☕️

Multi-Grammy Award-nominated rapper/producer Vic Mensa releases his second lead single of the year, "$WISH," via Roc Nation. The single, which reunites Vic with longtime friends and collaborators Chance The Rapper and G-Eazy, is a bragging tune, with the three MCs bragging about their accomplishments in increasing detail.“$WISH came out of a writing camp Chance and I did in LA and we wrote a lot of songs together,Vic saysIt's a very fun, spontaneous atmosphere. I was free with Bongo, and then Chance said he had a line, so I recorded him singing his line. G-Eazy is one of my best friends in the industry, I've known him for like 12 years, so it all makes sense.The single follows January's "Strawberry Louis Vuitton (feat. Thundercat and Maeta)," a soulful ballad accompanied by an inspirational music video featuring Mensa wearing Virgil Abloh ) custom suit skydiving to perform the song. The single was featured on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, starring Vic & Mehta and The Counterfeit, the week it was released.

The two new singles cap off a big year for the Chicago-based artist, which will see the inaugural Black Star Line Art Festival in Ghana in January, an ongoing exhibition of skin and mask art presented by Kavi Gupta Gallery , the official launch of his Books Before Bar Initiative (which uses his marijuana brand 93Boyz to use the profits to buy and distribute books in underserved prisons) and more are in the pipeline. Following the success of the Black Star Line Festival, a free one-day festival organized by Vic and Chance in Accra, which attracted a staggering 52,000 attendees, the MC duo traveled to Jamaica to find filming locations for next year's anticipated sequel. There will be more in the coming months.

14. Dreamer Isioma - Princess Forever

Source: dreamerisioma

Dreamer Isioma, first-generation Nigerian-American singer-songwriter, has released her highly anticipated new album, Princess Forever. To celebrate, they're sharing a dizzying new music video for their song "Give Me a Chance," Dreamer's directorial debut and part of a collaboration with Jared Avalos that culminates in a film somewhere between sci-fi and reality. climax in the story. The album has already received high praise from Rolling Stone, Billboard, i-D Magazine, BET, Hypebeast, MTV and more. Additionally, the young talent quickly became a favorite of critics and artists, including SZA, Janelle Monáe, Steve Lacy, Doja Cat, Lizzo, Fousheé, Kali Uchis and many more.

Dreamer's sophomore album, Princess Forever, represented a major departure from the DIY bedroom rhythms of their teenage years, resulting in remarkably complex and compelling compositions. Dreamer presents a wide-ranging experimental concept album that explores themes of love, identity, community, self-discovery and acceptance through the colorful adventures of an alter ego titled "Princess Forever". Conceptually, it tells the story of a brave leader, the Forever Princess, who embarks on an adventure against an oppressive regime, liberating her tribe through the power of love and community, and in the process finding own liberation.

This insatiable project bridges various sonic universes including psychedelic rock, funk, pop, R&B, Afrobeats and more, yet remains cohesive. Princess Forever is the new pinnacle of Isia storytelling, with thematic realms of love, self-discovery and fulfillment running through the farthest corners of every imaginable spectrum (personal and artistic), connecting them with poignant lyrics and emotion together.

Dreamer built a cult following and garnered much acclaim with the release of his explosive catalog, which strives to erase genre boundaries and disrupt social norms, ultimately creating space for those who don't fit in the binary. Dreamer exploded in 2020 with the smash hit "Sensitive," racking up nearly 200 million streams and landing at No. 6 on Rolling Stone's Breakthrough 25 chart and No. 1 on Shazam's Predicted 2021 chart. 1 person. More recently, Sensitive has garnered a ton of support on TikTok as it continues to climb its viral charts.

Isioma released his explosive projects The Leo Sun Sets and Goodnight Dreamer, amassed 215 million career streams in his catalog, and became a veritable darling of the critical press, featured on NPR, Rolling Stone, Vogue, Complex, Billboard, NME, Compliments in Teen Vogue, PAPER Magazine, Pigeons and Airplanes, Nylon, Chicago Tribune, Them, Wonderland and more.

15. Aliah Sheffield - Boo Boo the Fool


Aliah Sheffield is an introspective singer, songwriter and instrumentalist who first rose to fame with the hit "Earth is Ghetto" and now makes her major label debut"This is the idiot",Available through Def Jam Recordings. This song represents the new music fromThese songs are dedicated to those who hate this country, Aliah's upcoming EP will be released on May 26th.

"Boo Boo The Fool" explores the worrying dimension between pain and optimism with its minimalist approach to soul and R&B, with a disclaimer:"I just want people to know I'm not stupid and this song is a fun reminder"Aliya said. After a failed relationship, simple chores win by hitting the road as she angelically hums to the piano,"I'll hold a grudge till I die / I'll still be angry on the other side."

"The Earth is a Slum," a call to flee during the first year of the pandemic, is unlikely to become a hit after its December 2020 release."You need to look at these people, it's hard to believe/How they treat themselves, it's hard to imagine."Over a million TikTok creations have been generated, some of which are both hilarious and heartfelt."I'm happy and sad at the same time""Because I think it's bullshit that so many people feel the same way," Sheffield said.

16. Phase Yoda - Love Hurts

Izvor: faceyoda

Young Stoner Life/300 artist Fase Yoda is gearing up for his breakout moment this year with a confessional and catchy new single titled "Love Hurts," accompanied by a stunning music video. Effortlessly cutting through vibes, the song swings like a wrecking ball from intensely introspective moments to danceable crescendos fueled by pulsating synths. He sighed, "She's got devil eyes," and hummed, "I'm in love with her." He subverted expectations by adding distorted vocals to his film's choreography, challenging genre boundaries. The graphics reflect this love of unpredictability as it accentuates his charisma and energy on screen.

"I created this song to talk about my experience with the duality of love. There's good and there's bad," Fase Yoda said. "If you notice the chorus, I sing two songs at the same time. Time to picture this duality: 'I'm in love with her' and 'I'm in love, and it hurts'. This song is my A basic representation of the themes addressed in "Fallen Angels".

"Love Hurts" paves the way for Fase Yoda's debut feature Fallen Angel, which will hit Earth and streaming platforms in May. His brooding compositions showcase his soulful personality, combining influences such as hip-hop, emo and R&B with upbeat melodies and emotionally charged themes. The single follows Khalil Vegas' "Woah," which has more than 575,000 views on YouTube.

Fase Yoda rises to prominence with his 2021 single"Butterfly"That earned him recognition on TikTok, making the song viral; it has 8.4 million views on YouTube and more than 26 million on Spotify alone. From there, Yoda released his next single"to confuse"An honest ballad that takes a deeper look at the rapper's dark side. In an attempt to attract more fans, the "fuck it up" video, which has garnered more than 2.4 million views on YouTube since its release, showcases Yoda's powers. Yoda passionately expresses the concept of duality through his music, describing himself as "half angel, half demon," and in Fallen Angel, he will use his unique storytelling abilities to expand the complexities of the human experience .

17. Poppy Fish Scales - Really Eat

izvor: bobby fish scale

Roc Nation hip-hop artist Bobby Fishscale is back with his latest single, "Really Eat." Produced by DJ Moon(prod.未来,Moneybagg Yo,Lil Uzi Vert,Lil Baby),TM88(Prod. 2Chainz, Drake, EST Gee, Gucci Mane)three pounds (prod. Wiz Khalifa、Gunna、Roddy Rich、XXXTENTACION)I'm Nikadina(Produced by YG, NAV, Kodak Black, Rich the Kid), about a Florida-born rapper who overcomes obstacles and continues his journey in the rap game.

The single is a follow-up to the Florida rapper's previous single,"efficient,Building on the success of his debut album, evolutionThere is a leading path,fish scalesQuavo, which has garnered over 1.9 million views since its release. The project is the latest debut from the rapper, who boasts an explosive all-star collaborator roster including Juicy J, Zaytoven, DJ Paul, Ink, Mozzy and fellow label Kalan.FrFr.

The Florida native became another top rapper to emerge from Florida's burgeoning music scene, attracting the attention of heavyweight hip-hop stars like Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black, Rod Wave, 2Chainz, who signed Bobby to join his "Flunkies Flow" "Freestyle" Bobby Releases His Debut Album evolution2021 - Title Song "fish scalesRepresenting a major success for Quavo - complete with additional A-list support from renowned collaborators Juicy J, Zaytoven, DJ Paul, Ink, Mozzy and label partner Kalan.FrFr. it's bobbyNagroda BMI R&B i Hip Hop Social Star AwardThe winner joins esteemed names like Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, Zendaya, Joey Bada$$ and NLE Choppa.

18. T-shirt Grizzle & Skills Baby – B&E cz. 1


(Video) YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Demon Party [Official Music Video]

Multi-platinum Detroit label Tee Grizzley and emerging hip-hop phenomenon Skilla Baby have released their next single, "B&E Pt. 1," via 300 Entertainment/Grizzley Gang. The catchy street track will appear on the Motown duo's collaborative mixtape, "Controversy," which is due out on April 28.

The hit story in B&E Pt. 1 showcases the chemistry between Tee Grizzley and Skilla Baby. Together they join in an unpredictable call and answer, quickly switching lanes and telling the tale of a bitter feud.

Last month, Tee Grizzley and Skilla Baby energized the stage at 313 Day in Detroit. Babyface Ray, Ty B and Sad Babb join the dynamic couple as they celebrate the spirit of the city at Detroit's historic Fillmore, igniting the crowd. After the release of "Dropped The Lo," "B&E Pt. 1" brings to mind Tee Grizzley's epic 2022 album, "Chapter from the Trench."

19. Talented Gab - G-Body Music

Source: gifted_gab

G-Body Music is Gifted Gab's fifth studio album and the title pays homage to her favorite automotive styles, most notably 1987's Grand National. The album is designed to be played at maximum volume in the whip, though it's pretty much everywhere. You can swim, play in the BBQ area or play in the bootyclub. The vibe sucks for West Coast players, full of ism and games. Featuring Mac Duce, Trizz, Swisher Sleep, Stunnaman02, and Suga Free, it's safe to say this is only for real!

20. Tay Keith and Skylar Blatt – slideshow

Izvor: skylarblatt__

grammy nominated producerTequisCollaborate with an up-and-coming Cincinnati artistskylarblat, they signed Latto for their fiery new single "Slide." Her vocals and powerful delivery perfectly complement Tay Keith's beats, creating an irresistible synergy sure to captivate listeners. The single showcases the talents of both artists with an infectious beat and powerful lyrics.

"Slide" is a song about living in luxury while keeping an eye out for those who pose a threat. The lyrics are about street reality, with lyrics like "Maf Bosses, we calmly take the papers 'til they burst" and "Bet 50 on your head and let them knock you down". With "Slide", Tay Keith once again demonstrates his versatile and innovative approach to music production, delivering a fresh and captivating beat.

This single was released after the release of Tay Keith's album isexy red"Go viral with "Pound Town" and receive a non-stop internet buzz. Tay Keith also produced 3 tracks on Drake's latest album and 21 Savageher lossIncludes "Rich Flex," "Circo Loco," and "Broke Boys." looka rolling stone,complicatedandon the radarreception. Known for her unique sound and unparalleled production skills, Tay Keith has been making waves in the music world for years, collaborating with A-list artists such as Drake, Travis Scott and Beyonce.

21. Latto - Stavite ga na pod

izvor: latto777

ATL native rapper Lattodrops Grammy nominations for "Put It On Da Floor" via RCA Records. he debuted inCoachellaLast week on Weekend 1, Latto's latest single was produced by Go Grizzly (Future), Squat & Pooh Beatz (Jack Harlow). This is after the release of her single and music video"Lottery"promotion meetingLucara.

Workfinally finishedYearwin lotteryshe collectedtwo2023grammy nominationit does"Best Newcomer Award" and"Melodic Rap Show" dla"High Energy (Live)"besides winningWon the "Best Newcomer Award"2022 Audience AwardandBetting prizes.A three-time 2022 AMA nominee and four-time 2022 VMA nominee, he has performed in both shows and was announced as a "Breakthrough Artist" winner2022Warrientitypopular maker.recently, Latour was awarded the "Power Award".biologyplate2023women in musicAwardsand now on part 2 tour with LizzaSpecificationkneejourney.

22. Keke Palmer - Wait

Source: Loop

Talented singer, actress, director and producer Keke Palmer announces the release of new single "Waiting" from her upcoming visual album "Big Boss". The long-awaited video premiere will take place on April 21, 2023 and the single will be available on all digital platforms.

"Wait" is a poignant ballad about an unequal relationship in which one party gives more than the other. The song describes the emotional struggles of a woman who threatens to leave but is stopped by love. The video shows two people in love, but drama unfolds when one betrays the other. Directed by Keke Palmer, the music video combines beautiful cinematic moments with music, making "Waiting" the perfect soundtrack to a complex story of love and loss.


"I'm excited to share my new music video 'Waiting' and upcoming visual album 'Big Boss' with my fans. 'Waiting' is a story most people can relate to, dealing with the ups and downs of being in an unequal relationship .I wanted to bring the lyrics to life through intense storytelling and visually stunning moments that would put the audience on a ride and inspire them to be the 'boss' they are now," Keke Palmer EXCLUSIVELY told PopSugar.

Big Boss is Keke Palmer's long awaited visual album and the follow up to her successful 2020 EP Virgo Tendencies. This album tells the extraordinary true story of Keke Palmer, a young woman from Chicago who faced enormous challenges in the male-dominated music industry. Written and directed by Coco, the film showcases her perseverance, self-love, unwavering faith and indomitable spirit the spirit of. Along the way, Coco discovers that the biggest hurdle she has to overcome is learning to trust her instincts. With Hitler's Tricky Stewart as executive producer, the album alb


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