NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Baby Mamas, Net Worth, Arrests, Height (2023)

• YoungBoy NBA is an American rapper, singer and songwriter, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.
• After his father went to prison, his mother left him and his siblings in the care of his grandmother.
• He has four sons from different mothers and supports most of his family.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1 million and his monthly income ranges from $44,000 to $706,000.
• He has been arrested several times for violence and unauthorized use of weapons.
• He is active on social networks and has over 4 million followers on Instagram.


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  • 2 NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Childhood, Education, Parents, Siblings
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  • 6 of 6 Fun Facts About the YoungBoy NBA
  • 7 Measurement and social media

Who is NBA rapper YoungBoy?

YoungBoy NBA is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. His real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, and he shot to fame with the song "Outside Today," which peaked at No. 31 on the Billboard Hot 100. His song "Win or Lose" was also a hit, though he released it to jail. He was nicknamed NBA YoungBoy, which means "Never Again".

NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Childhood, Education, Parents, Siblings

NBA YoungBoy was born on October 20, 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the second child of Sherhonda Gaulden. Although his father's name is unknown, one of his poems clearly shows that he is serving 55 years in prison. After their father went to jail, YoungBoy's mother left them with their grandmother. While living with her, he broke his neck in a wrestling accident when he was four and had to wear a headband until he healed, leaving a scar on his forehead.

He attended Scotlandville Magnet High School before dropping out in ninth grade. He decided to continue his musical passion and started an NBA team with his friends. He was faced with the challenge of raising money to record in a studio, so at one point, his friend NBA 3Three's mother, Monique, paid for his studio time. In one case, YoungBoy NBA and his team stole a car battery; later arrested for shooting and driving on Kentucky Street, police say he was with three people, including the driver, and was registered in Louisiana Juvenile Detention Facility in Tallulah, Na. During his six-month retreat, he wrote the lyrics for his debut mixtape.

NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Baby Mamas, Net Worth, Arrests, Height (1)

After the arrest, YoungBoy NBA tragically lost his grandmother and the rapper had to fend for himself and move in with fellow rapper NBA 3Three. The YoungBoy NBA has two siblings, older sister Telea Gaulden born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and younger brother Ken Gaulden who spend a lot of time together, and it wouldn't be a surprise if Ken found himself in the music footsteps. YoungBoy's NBA mother, Sherhonda, recently came back into his life. She doesn’t work, so he takes care of her, according to him; her mother, who was interested in music when she was young but never listened to it, now posts stand-up videos on her Instagram.

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Raper YoungBoy NBA Kids

YoungBoy NBA is the father of four sons, only two of which are from the same mother. Although she's only 18, the famous rapper has had several affairs over the years. His eldest son is Kayden Gaulden, also known as Draco, who was born to ex-girlfriend Nisha in 2016. That same year, his second girlfriend, Starr Dejanee, gave birth to his second son, Baby Kamron Gaulden aka Baby K; the pair later split, but the rapper supported her. In 2018, Starr Dejanee was revealed to have lied to him, and a DNA test later revealed that the rapper was not Camron's biological father. Despite the revelations, the rapper has pledged to continue supporting her and her baby.

NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Baby Mamas, Net Worth, Arrests, Height (2)

The rapper didn't stop there; his spendthrift lifestyle gave him another son — and after spending a night with Niya, she told him she was pregnant. The rapper agreed, but had to take a paternity test, which came back positive, and their son Taylin Gaulden, or Tay Tay, was born on the 19th.uprightMarch 6, 2017uprightIn July 2017, the rapper and his girlfriend Starr Dejanee welcomed another son, Kamiri Gaulden, aka k3. The rapper works hard to support his son and always keeps in touch with his baby mama. In fact, the rapper is the breadwinner for most of his family members. He plans to buy a house where his mother, siblings and son's mother will live together.

NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Baby Mamas, Net Worth, Arrests, Height (3)

Young Boys NBA Net Worth

YoungBoy NBA is a special guy who has people talking at just 18 years old. He has achieved a lot for himself and his music. According to reliable sources, his net worth is estimated to have grown to over $1 million in just a few years, thanks in large part to income from his YouTube channel. His monthly income ranges from $44,000 to $706,000, according to , with current annual estimates ranging from $530,000 to $8.5 million.

Young Boys NBA Arrests

Rapper YoungBoy is no different from other established rappers who struggled to grow up and received numerous arrests for violent crimes. November 2016Arrested before going on stage at a concert in Austin, TexasHe was jailed for eight months for attempted murder. 23rdresearch and developmentHe got a little lucky in August 2017 when a Baton Rouge judge sentenced him to 10 years of probation and three years of probation for his role in the street shootings in South Baton Rouge.

NBA Rapper YoungBoy Biography: Baby Mamas, Net Worth, Arrests, Height (4)

On February 25, 2018, he was arrested by police for assaulting ex-girlfriend Janeia at a concert in Tallahassee, Florida. Surveillance footage from a Georgia hotel shows how the rapper beat her and himCharged with weapons violation and kidnappingHowever, on March 15, 2018, he was released on $75,000 bond.

6 Fun Facts About the YoungBoy NBA

  • The reason he dropped out of ninth grade was because he didn't have a school uniform. He also felt that the clothes at home were not tidy enough, making it inconvenient to visit.
  • His first song was recorded with an inexpensive microphone he bought at Walmart in 2014. After the song was uploaded, it immediately gained a large group of fans.
  • He has a pit bull named Naomi.
  • It is managed by Fee Banks, responsible for the success of Kevin Gates and Lil Wayne.
  • When performing, he likes to throw most of his clothes at the audience.
  • He used the release ad to promote his new song "Untouchable." The song has over 9 million views on YouTube and peaked at No. 39 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Measurement and Social Media

There is no information on his shoes or waist size, but he is reported to weigh 148lbs (67kg) and stand 5ft 9in or 175cm tall. Rapper YoungBoy NBA is a smash hit on Instagram with more than 4 million followers. He has over 800,000 likes on his Facebook page and over 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

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