Samsung is powering the new era of displays with its new 2023 Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Samsung OLED range, delivering robust performance, secure connectivity and personalized experiences. (2023)

Samsung electronicsCo., Ltd. today launched its new Neo QLED, MICRO LED and Samsung OLED lines, as well as lifestyle products and accessories.CES® 2023. This year's lineup features advanced and innovative products with a focus on enhanced connectivity and personalized consumer experiences.Samsung's extensive portfolio of offerings help users create their own personalized experiences with the devices they use every day, with technology that's more intuitive than ever. This year, Samsung takes another step in its ever-evolving journey to simplify consumers' everyday lives by seamlessly integrating multiple devices into its ecosystem through its smart home platform, SmartThings.

"In 2023, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation to offer consumers more than just best-in-class picture quality, but a holistic premium device experience tailored to their needs and desires in their connected home."sagte Cheolgi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics."With SmartThings, our advanced technology is fluid and intuitive, making life more sustainable, accessible and enjoyable every day."

Premium and Connected Experiences with Neo QLED

The latest set of Samsung Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs offer consumers premium options for every need. Neo QLED's picture quality is powered by Samsung's advanced Neural Quantum Processor, which powers the LED-lit Quantum Mini TV with 14-bit processing and AI enhancement, as well as features like Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for a three-dimensional and realistic image display. .

Samsung's Neo QLEDs 2023 also go beyond a sharp picture, with a high-resolution panel and Samsung's proprietary algorithm powering Samsung's new ones.HDR automatic remastering. It uses AI deep learning technology to analyze and apply real-time HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content scene by scene, making SDR content brighter and more vivid for complete immersion.

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Additionally, SmartThings users no longer need to purchase a separate SmartThings dongle to connect and control Zigbee and Thread devices. In 2023, the SmartThings Zigbee & Matter Thread One chip module will be directly integrated into Samsung products. And for the best connected device experience, SmartThings automatically syncs devices to make it easy to control not only Samsung devices, but also third-party devices and IoT devices.[1]for perfect connections.

  • Chat together:Users can easily join a live chat group to share ideas and react in real time with others who are also viewing the same content.
  • Connection time:Make video calling from connected devices easier by providing a larger platform for video calling on the TV and a seamless transition to a smaller device when a user wants to step away and transfer the call to a different screen.
  • 3D map view: Designed to give users convenient control and monitoring of connected devices, Samsung's 3D Map View gives users a bird's-eye view of their home and all of their SmartThings devices.

Samsung MICRO-LED To know more

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Expanded display options with MICRO LED and Samsung OLED

The MICRO LED 2023 range offers new models from 50 to 140 inches[2]to provide consumers with a variety of options for unparalleled image quality and viewing experience. Thanks to its modular nature, MICRO LED is not limited to shape, proportion and size, allowing it to be fully customized according to the configuration desired by the consumer. Plus, it comes frameless, so the line between screen and real life is seamless no matter what the setup.

And to give consumers even more display options, Samsung's 2023 OLED lineup is now available in 55- and 65-inch models and the new ultra-large 77-inch models. Samsung's latest OLED lineup features Quantum Dot technology, developed for Samsung's Neo QLEDs, as well as Neural Quantum processors, to maintain the strengths of OLED technology and improve on color rendering and brightness limitations.

The expanded lineup features a 144Hz refresh rate and all of Samsung's smart features, including the Samsung Gaming Hub. And for the first time in an OLED TV, Samsung OLEDs come with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the ultimate OLED gaming experience.

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To expand your viewing options, Samsung offers Samsung TV Plus for all Smart TV offerings. The free ad-supported TV (FAST) and video-on-demand service offers more than 1,800 channels worldwide, including more than 50 owned and operated channels, reaching 24 countries and 465 million devices worldwide through company televisions and mobile devices. It's 100% free and requires no additional downloads, subscriptions or devices.

Discover a new world of gaming with Samsung Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub, the new home for gaming on Samsung Smart TVs, gives users unlimited access to thousands of their favorite games from partners like Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna and Utomik with no downloads, storage limits or consoles. Furthermore, it is the most intuitive gaming experience where gamers can simply turn on the TV and play.

Launched last year, the Samsung Gaming Hub offers incredible picture quality and a whole new approach to gaming with multitasking, extended partnerships and 4K streaming. Players can even watch multiple types of content at the same time.

Updates from 2023 toGameBar 3.0swindlershare minimap[3]Yvirtual waypointImprove the experience for every type of player. MiniMap Sharing allows players to see the game's minimap at a glance on any screen, while Virtual Aim Point, designed for first-person shooter (FPS) games, allows players to see more prominent crosshairs in each game so they can make the perfect shot.

The Samsung Gaming Hub is also available for Samsung smart monitors and gaming monitors including the Odyssey series. With the Odyssey Ark, gamers can rotate their screens vertically or horizontally to any orientation they desire and enjoy immersive gaming with a 55-inch 1000R curved screen and powerful sound.

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Elevate your lifestyle with an expanded lifestyle range and new features

Consumer lifestyle needs are constantly changing. To navigate this landscape, Samsung has introduced new products and lifestyle features to take the user experience to the next level and allow consumers to personalize the way they view and experience screens.

  • 8K debut:In 2023, Samsung introduces a new version of its laser projector, the Premiere 8K. The ultra-short-throw projector lineup is now equipped with an 8K model that gives users the same ultra-large screen with even higher resolution. It supports a maximum screen size of 150 inches for a huge display with exquisite resolution to match.
  • Freestyle with SmartRANDMix:Freestyle is the ultimate flexible device, allowing consumers to watch whatever they want, wherever they want. In 2023, users can take advantage of the new Smart EDGE Blending feature, which allows you to use two of the devices and view content in a 21:9 configuration without manual alignment or adjustment. The Freestyle 2023 will also be compatible with the Samsung Gaming Hub for more entertainment on the go.
  • novoUser interface and accessories:In 2023, Samsung introduces a new and improved Samsung Art Store with features like quick previews and expanded content offerings that mimic the experience of visiting a gallery or museum. Also new is an optional metal frame for a modern and luxurious look for The Frame. The latest range of Samsung TVs can be mounted with the optionSelf-rotating bracket and wall mount, which brings The Sero's auto-rotation and vertical multimedia experience to other TVs including The Frame and Neo QLED.

Each daysustainabilitywith Samsung screens

In line with the latest environmental strategy announced in 2022, Samsung is constantly working with partners and customers to be environmentally conscious and have a broader impact across the entire product lifecycle. This makes every step more environmentally conscious, from making the manufacturing process more efficient to reducing packaging and changing the way consumers use products.

  • Recyclable materials:For the 2023 lineup, Samsung will replace 20% of the mounting parts used in the SolarCell remote with recycled plastic from the ocean. In addition, the main parts of the power panel use recycled aluminum and copper cans, replacing approximately 12% of the original materials used.
  • Reduced manufacturing impact:Samsung has developed a lightweight injection mould, which uses fewer materials and whose structure can be reused, reducing overall energy consumption and raw materials required for production.
  • AI power saving mode:Through SmartThings, Samsung's 2023 TVs support AI Power Saving Mode, which helps users save more energy in new ways. SmartThings Energy Service on TVs helps reduce the carbon footprint of connected devices with simple changes like: B. Automatically put certain devices to sleep when not in use. And with the 3D map view, it's easier to get a holistic view of connected devices and put energy saving ideas into action.
  • Eco-packaging:By 2023, Samsung Eco-Packaging will feature minimal printing, so less ink will be used in production, and Samsung will use paper tape to reduce the use of plastic in its packaging. Additionally, case sizes are reduced to reduce overall CO2 emissions.

Multi-dimensional soundscape and AI-powered audio quality

A premium screen experience would only be complete with ultra-immersive audio. While Samsung TVs come with impressive built-in speakers, they also come with powerful audio features and devices to enhance the viewing experience for something truly cinematic.

  • ASound Remastering:In 2023, Samsung's flagship TVs and soundbars offer Sound Remastering, which uses AI to remaster each sound object to ensure voices are clear, surrounding sounds are fully encapsulated, and every component is at the correct volume.
  • New soundbars:In addition to the main soundbar,HW-Q990C, with 11.1.4-channel sound compatible with Dolby Atmos, the ultra-thinHW-S800Bdelivers powerful, immersive Dolby Atmos sound from a 3.1.2-channel device that's just 40mm high and 38mm deep. It can be easily placed on any TV and still delivers clear sound with powerful bass.
  • Sinfonia Q:A new iteration of TV soundbar harmony, the new Q-Symphony 2023 will deliver highly evolved sound, for which the soundbar uses the TV's neural processing unit to analyze audio signals and process each sound with more details than ever before.

By 2023, by combining Samsung TVs with Samsung Soundbars, these devices will offer the most powerful, customizable and personalized ecosystem available to date.

*All functions, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document, including but not limited to product benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability and features are subject to change without notice or obligation. Availability of the above products, services and features may vary by region.
[1]SmartThings will support Matter and HCA in 2023. This allows SmartThings users to easily add thousands of compatible devices to their SmartThings home environment.
[2]Samsung's MICRO LED line will be available in 2023 in sizes 50, 63, 76, 89, 101, 114 and 140 inches.
[3]MiniMap Sharing will be available via a software update in the first half of 2023.
4Participating countries only: US, UK, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Korea, India


Is Samsung coming out with a new TV in 2023? ›

In 2023, Samsung's TV lineup is about iterative improvements to make those sets even better. This year Samsung will again have a very diverse array of TV products, including a new, smaller Micro LED “Wall TV,” new flagship 8K and 4K Neo QLED TVs that use Mini LED backlights, and a new 77-inch QD OLED TV screen size.

Is Samsung Neo Qled worth the extra money? ›

If you can afford it, there are few reasons not to consider getting a Neo QLED TV – its performance is truly spellbinding for an LCD TV – but it comes at quite the cost, so if you're interested in getting a Samsung TV at lower prices then consider the traditional QLED line of even the Korean company's Crystal UHD range ...

What is the latest technology in TV 2023? ›

2023 Overview

Most brands this year are focused on improving the peak brightness of their high-end models and improving Mini LED backlight features. Many brands have also announced wider availability of 144Hz panels, with most high-end TVs supporting this higher refresh rate for PC gaming.

Is Samsung Neo QLED better than LG OLED? ›

Again, Neo QLED is better with brightness and OLED is better with true blacks. Something else that is often overlooked when considering these two display technologies is the viewing angle. Most of us sit directly in front of our TVs so this is usually not an issue. However, it can be an issue with Neo-QLED TVs.

Is Samsung TV free forever? ›

Is Samsung TV Plus free? Samsung TV Plus is 100% free. No need to pay for another subscription - get live TV channels and on demand movies and shows for free.

Is Microled better than OLED? ›

MicroLEDs vs OLEDs

Compared to OLEDs, Micro-LEDs promise to be much more efficient and bright, more durable (higher lifetime) and with a higher color gamut, mostly due to the superior performance of LEDs over their organic counterparts.

What is the lifespan of a QLED TV? ›

On average, based on typical use, consumers should expect their TV's picture quality to remain roughly the same for anywhere from seven to ten years.

Which is better Neo QLED or crystal UHD? ›

QLED TVs are better than Crystal UHD as they achieve higher brightness and better color reproduction thanks to the use of Quantum Dot nanoparticles. QLED models can achieve 100% color volume which means that color saturation is maintained regardless of the brightness level of the picture.

What are the disadvantages of QLED TV? ›

Drawbacks or disadvantages of QLED

QLED based TVs suffer from "light bleed" effect. This effect is visible in certain scenes. It results into slight haze around bright objects which blurs lines which should be usually sharp. ➨With QLED based display screens, best viewing angle is dead center.

Do I need a new TV for NextGen TV? ›

What do I need for NextGen TV? All you need is a NextGen tuner and an antenna. If you're shopping for a new TV, many current models have built-in NextGen TV tuners. This includes many models from LG, Sony, Hisense and Samsung.

Are phones replacing TVs? ›

While that tiny telephone screen will probably never fully replace the TV, cell phones have already affected our viewing habits and changed the TV industry. In addition to playing video, cell phones interact with televisions in exciting new ways.

What is the next big thing in televisions? ›

It's called MicroLED, and it combines the best features of the current TV technologies into something new -- and huge. Using millions of tiny individually addressable LEDs, MicroLED promises to rival the picture quality of OLED, the current champion, but with better brightness and lower chance of burn-in.

Why Neo QLED is better than OLED? ›

Samsung Neo QLED televisions have been out on the market for a while now, and they're known for their high brightness. QD OLED televisions combine the high-contrast OLED screen with a Quantum Dot layer. This allows a QD OLED television to display a wider color representation and an even higher brightness than OLED TVs.

What is the difference between QLED vs Neo QLED? ›

The main difference between Neo QLED and QLED technology is how backlighting is used to boost the colour and brightness. While QLED relies on LEDs to light the panel, Neo QLED models use tens of thousands of mini-LEDs spread across the screen that is only 1/40th of the height of traditional LEDs.

Does OLED or QLED last longer? ›

In many ways, QLED is the best choice. You'll get a brighter picture, the TVs tend to last longer, they're cheaper and there's no risk of burn-in – a mark that's left on the screen of OLED TVs when displaying images with static graphics like a news network logo.

What channels are free on smart TV? ›

13 Free TV Apps That Will Help You Cut Cable
  • Crackle.
  • Tubi TV.
  • Pluto TV.
  • NewsON.
  • PBS Kids.
  • Xumo.
  • Crunchyroll.
  • Twitch.
Dec 1, 2022

How many free channels do you get with Samsung smart TV? ›

Choose from 200+ live TV channels, and 1000s of movies and shows on demand, all for free.

How do I get free channels on my Samsung smart TV? ›

You can press Home, navigate to Source, and then select TV.
Connect a cable or antenna and scan for channels
  1. Select Air if you are using an antenna only.
  2. Select Cable if you are using a cable box only.
  3. Select Both if you are using an antenna and a cable box. You will get the most channels this way.

Is anything better than OLED? ›

We'll start with picture quality. In our side-by-side comparison reviews, OLED beats QLED every time. We compared last year's Editors' Choice OLED TV -- the LG C1 series -- against the best 2022 Samsung 4K QLED TV, the Samsung QN90B series. The Samsung QLED came closer than ever to the LG OLED, but the LG still won.

What is the disadvantage of OLED TV? ›

Besides the noted advantages of OLED display, some of the disadvantages include: Shorter lifetime then some other display technologies. This shorter lifetime is mainly due to the blue organic material but lifetime gets better all the time but is also due to moisture migration. Poor sunlight readability.

Does Apple use MicroLED? ›

Apple has been developing its microLED display technology for quite a few years, and is anticipated to use it in an update to the Apple Watch Ultra in late 2024.

Do QLED TVs burn out? ›

Fortunately, Samsung QLED TVs are some of the most durable displays on the market and have been certified burn-in free.

Is LG or Samsung TV better? ›

If you prefer a brighter picture, Samsung's QLED sets are the way to go. However, if you want a better contrast ratio (where blacks look black and not gray) and a wider viewing angle, we recommend an OLED TV from LG.

Should a TV last 5 years? ›

Industry experts say TVs are replaced on average every 7-8 years. We now see this number coming down as 4K TV prices have been falling and more households want to have multiple TVs. But average means there are a lot of people that replace more frequently while others hang on for a longer time.

Should I buy a Samsung Neo Qled TV? ›

While it's not perfect, it will be a great option for many people. The Samsung QN90B is one of the brightest TVs you'll find, making it great for sunny rooms. The brightness, along with Mini LED and local dimming tech, also helps it produce excellent contrast in dark scenes.

What is the average lifespan of a Samsung Smart TV? ›

What's the Average Lifespan of a Samsung TV? Samsung TVs have a lifespan that ranges between 4.5 and 7 years with heavy usage, just like many other TVs on the market. Heavy usage means the TV is running almost continuously, with brightness set at the highest possible level.

Is Neo QLED better than LED? ›

Using LED lights, the intensity of light is evenly distributed across the TV's display. However, Neo QLED uses mini-LEDs, and thousands more of them compared to the number of LED lights on a QLED screen. This results in higher picture quality since a TV panel can fit more mini-LEDs than standard-sized LED lights.

Is Samsung QLED worth buying? ›

Samsung Q60B QLED 2022 opinion. As we have seen in the review, the Q60B series is a very complete TV for the price at which you can buy it. It achieves good color reproduction and brightness thanks to Quantum Dot technology as well as good native contrast thanks to its VA panel.

Should I buy a QLED or LED TV? ›

QLED are a more balanced option between LED and OLED TVs. Their picture quality is better than traditional LED TVs and they also don't have screen burning issues like older OLED TVs.

Is QLED better than LG? ›

Our Verdict. For most uses, the Samsung Q60/Q60T QLED is much better than the LG UN7300. The Samsung has a VA panel with a much higher contrast ratio, gets a lot brighter, and has better color accuracy.

Do I need a special antenna for NextGen TV? ›

All you need is a NEXTGEN TV and an HD antenna, and you can watch a wide variety of broadcast channels at no charge.

How much does NextGen TV cost? ›

2. HD tuners cost as little as $30 to $40 now, and NextGen TV tuners, which currently sell between $200 and $300, will eventually be cheap as well.

Can a smart TV become outdated? ›

While a smart TV may become obsolete after a few years, you can easily replace your streaming device or take it with you to a new TV.

What device will replace the cell phone? ›

The rumored AR headset by Apple is expected to arrive in “late 2024,” but its interest in the technology can likely drive the entire smartphone industry on an entirely new path. As per celebrated Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple even plans to replace the iPhone with AR glasses in the next ten years.

Will anything replace the cell phone? ›

Smartphones are old news. The tech industry's next bet is a series of technologies usually called augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality. The vision usually involves some kind of computer worn in front of the user's eyes.

What can I do instead of my phone and TV? ›

Play with your pet or take your dog for a walk. Put together a puzzle. Read a book. Sit on your front porch to get fresh air.

What is the most advanced TV technology? ›

Winner: QD-OLED panel technology

Developed by Samsung Display and implemented in the award-winning Samsung S95B and Sony A95K QD- TVs, QD-OLED panel technology stands out as the most innovative move in TV tech for 2022.

Which TV technology has the best picture? ›

The best TV we've tested is the Samsung S95B OLED. It's a fantastic TV with a great selection of extra features and incredible picture quality. It looks fantastic in a dark room thanks to its nearly infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity, with no distracting blooming around bright areas of the screen.

What will replace OLED TV? ›

Sony, Samsung and Hisense all announced that they would be coming out with new Mini LED TVs in 2022. These are a type of LED TV (not OLED) that are built with new Mini LED backlight technology.

Which is better for eyes OLED or QLED? ›

In theory, OLED TVs should offer better overall eye comfort than QLED and any other LCD-based screen, because OLED produces significantly less blue light than LED-backlit QLED TVs.

Is OLED better than QLED in dark room? ›

You need OLED for those beautiful rich blacks without the blinding brightness of QLED. Once again HDR is always a good choice for the better colour dynamics. So there you have it: Always HDR. Pick OLED screens in a dark room or QLED in a bright room.

Is Samsung Neo QLED 8k worth it? ›

The Samsung QN900B 8k QLED is a great TV for most uses. It looks great in a dark room thanks to its decent local dimming feature, so it's a good choice for watching movies. It has high peak brightness and excellent reflection handling, so it's also a good choice for watching shows or sports in a bright room.

Why is Neo QLED better? ›

Neo QLED TVs have more zones than a normal LED TV. The mini LEDs also have a very thin micro layer instead of a lens. This sends out the light in a very controlled way, so it doesn't 'leak' on the sides.

Is Samsung coming out with a new TV? ›

Samsung is expected to launch the step-down QN800C 8K TV at some point in 2023. It's due to be available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes, but that's about all we know so far. Samsung QN800C specs: Sizes: 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch (TBC)

Is there a new Samsung coming out soon? ›

The Galaxy S23 phones will be released on February 17, 2023, a week earlier than the S22 launch last year, with nearly three weeks of preorder deals to be stacked to the reservation bonus if you subscribed for one beforehand.

What is the next Samsung TV? ›

The Samsung S95B OLED is the best Samsung TV we've tested. It's in Samsung's 2022 lineup and the first OLED TV from Samsung in many years. It's a bit different from the very popular LG and Sony OLED TVs, as it uses a blue OLED backlight with a quantum dot filter layer.

What month of the year do new TVs come out? ›

New TVs tend to come out between February and April, and while that's a great time to get the latest in TV tech, it's also when manufacturers slash prices on last year's models to make way for the new ones.


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