The 7 best tripods for binoculars (2023)

Looking for the best tripod for binoculars? You are in the right place. This post sheds light on the best binocular tripods available on the market today.

A tripod is an essential accessory for binoculars. Keeping the binoculars at eye level can be tiring when looking at objects for a long time. With the right tripod, your glazing experience will be better and more comfortable, especially during long glazing sessions. It will take the weight of the binoculars off your arms and keep them stable.

A good tripod setup and quality binoculars ensure a comfortable viewing experience no matter what outdoor expedition you are on. Additionally, today's tripods are made with user comfort in mind. They are ultra light, portable, durable and easy to set up and adjust.

However, with hundreds of models on the market, finding the right tripod can be difficult. We have compiled a list of the best binocular tripods to help you make the right choice.

Without further ado, let's take a look.

The Best Binocular Tripods: Our Top Picks

1) Bushnell 784030 Extended Tripod

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Bushnell is known for its high quality optics. They still maintain a similar reputation with their optical accessories. The Bushnell 784030 Advanced Tripod is a high quality tripod suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. You can use it with any pair of binoculars, even the larger models.

The tripod makes a stable and well-made impression. It is durable and lightweight so you can easily carry it around. Durable aluminum legs can be adjusted to different heights/angles. You can adjust the height from 18 inches to 61 inches according to your height. In addition, this tripod allows you to sit, stand or crouch and it supports your optics whenever you need it.

This tripod comes with a sturdy 3-way pan/tilt head with a large mounting platform. It also has foam padding on each of the legs to keep it comfortable in hand even in extremely hot or cold seasons. After use, the tripod folds down to a compact size for easy portability and storage.

Overall this is a quality full size tripod ideal for binoculars, spotting scopes, camcorders and SLR cameras.


  • individually adjustable legs
  • Three-way pan head
  • Leg angle adjustment in three positions
  • Strong and durable aluminum legs.
  • large assembly platform
  • Adjustable height from 18.3 inches to 61 inches
  • Foam padded leg covers
  • lightweight and portable
  • Universal mount 1/4″-20

2) Tripé Vortex Optics Pro GT

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If you are looking for a lightweight tripod, the Vortex Optics Pro GT tripod is for you. Although lightweight, this tripod is strong and sturdy enough to withstand any harsh conditions. It's also strong enough to easily accommodate the largest and heaviest binoculars. Also, it's very solid, so you don't have to worry about it breaking down or other problems.

This tripod is designed for different users. You can easily adjust the height up to 67 inches depending on your height. It also features a strong three-way pan head and an integrated handle so you can make smooth, precise adjustments. It also allows for 360 degree rotation, panning, tilting and any other free movement you want.

The tripod features folding lever locks, which are important for quick and easy setup and height adjustment. The included balance hook keeps the extra weight off the bottom of the center column for extra stability, especially in windy conditions. Even better, the tripod features padded leg covers to keep your hands away from hot or cold metal in extreme heat or cold. There are also rubber feet on the bottom of the legs to provide a solid base on slippery or wet surfaces.

After use, the tripod lowers to 24 inches for easy storage. A small carry bag is also included for convenient portability. Most importantly, the tripod is protected by a lifetime replacement warranty.


  • Leg lock with swivel lever
  • Extends to 67 inches and folds to 24 inches
  • Robust 3-way quick-release tilt head
  • Balance hook for extra stability.
  • Rubber feet for extra stability
  • Foam padded leg covers
  • Very good weight limit.
  • Solid build quality
  • Includes carry bag
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Designebene

3) Manfrotto 290 Xtra Aluminum 3 Piece Tripod Kit

The 7 best tripods for binoculars (3)

Manfrotto makes quality tripods and the 290 Xtra tripod kit is no exception. The tripod features a durable aluminum construction to give you years of service in the field. It has a good weight capacity that will help you achieve great stability no matter how big or heavy your binoculars are.

Thanks to the 4 leg angle positions, the tripod is more flexible and stable. The included leg angle selectors allow you to easily position the legs at 4 different angles. Photographers find the 4-leg angle positions helpful as it allows them to be more creative. In addition, the height of the tripod can be adjusted from 15.9 inches to 67.5 inches to suit different users.

The tripod comes with a powerful fluid video head, so you only need to invest in an adapter. This kit also features a two-way head for quick and accurate setup and an integrated handle that allows you to make fine adjustments with ease.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Adjustable height from 15.9 inches to 67.5 inches.
  • 4 leg angle positions
  • Bi-directional head for quick and accurate setup
  • Folded length: 23.4 inches
  • quick leg braces
  • excellent weight capacity
  • Powerful fluid video head
  • incorporated mango

4) Orion Tritech II Fluid Joint Field Tripod

The 7 best tripods for binoculars (4)

The Orion Tritech II field tripod is your ideal binocular tripod if you are on a budget. This inexpensive tripod is well made and very stable. It is strong enough to support device loads weighing up to 13.2 lbs. This excellent weight capacity makes it an ideal choice for portable mounting of binoculars, cameras, spotting scopes and more.

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The tripod features a smooth bi-directional fluid pan head with 360 degrees of azimuth movement and over 90 degrees of elevation rotation. It also features two handy bubble levels for quick leveling and an adjustable angle handle with comfort grip for easy pan and tilt control.

In addition, the tripod features three-piece extendable aluminum alloy tripod legs for added stability and durability. Each leg extends up to 56.7 inches. Even better, a lever-lock lift axle provides an additional 11.7 inches of extension, bringing the overall height to 68.2 inches. The extra-long 3-7/8-inch quick-release shoe with rubber pads stays in place even when you let go, so your connected instrument stays in place at all times.

Weighing only 4.8 pounds, this tripod is very portable. Folds down to 27.25 inches in length for convenient carrying and storage. It also comes with a soft zippered carry case and adjustable shoulder straps for easy portability.


  • lightweight and portable
  • Extends up to 68 inches
  • excellent weight capacity
  • Extra long 3-7/8" skate with quick release and rubber pads
  • Retracts to 27.25 inches in length for easy portability
  • Carry bag with zip
  • Adjustable 3-section aluminum alloy legs
  • Built-in balance hook on the bottom of the tripod center column
  • Two spirit levels for quick leveling
  • 2-way fluid head
  • 360 degree azimuth movement
  • 90 Grad Rotationshöhe

5) Gosky Tripod Portable Travel Tripod

The 7 best tripods for binoculars (5)

The Gosky Portable Travel Tripod has a maximum load capacity of 11 pounds. This full size tripod is compatible with binoculars, camcorders, DSLR cameras and spotting scopes. It's easy to set up and ideal for various outdoor activities like bird watching, hunting, astronomy and more.

The tripod is built to last. Featuring studio-anodized aluminum construction for durability. There are non-slip rubber feet on the underside of each leg, creating a stable mounting platform even on wet and slippery surfaces. The included hook allows you to attach additional weight and increase the stability of the tripod in windy conditions.

The tripod has an adjustable height from 18 to 61 inches. Lever lock legs keep the tripod at the correct height. It also makes height adjustment easy. Apart from that, the tripod features a 3-way pan head and an ergonomic handle that allows you to make smooth and accurate horizontal and vertical elevation adjustments.

After use, the tripod lowers to 26 inches for easy portability and storage. Padded foam leg pads provide extra comfort in extreme hot or cold conditions, while the included carrying case makes transport more convenient. Most importantly, the tripod is reasonably affordable.


  • Adjustable height from 18 to 61 inches.
  • easy to set up
  • Sturdy anodized aluminum construction
  • Speed ​​Limits
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Insertion weight hook
  • Maximum load capacity: 11 pounds
  • Folded length: 26 inches
  • 360 degree rotatable handle
  • quick release plate
  • Foam padded leg pads
  • 3-way liquid cup head
  • lightweight and portable

6) Celestron 82052 Stativ, Regal Premium

The 7 best tripods for binoculars (6)

Next on our list is the Celestron 82052 Tripod, Regal Premium. This treadmill boasts an impressive 69 inches in height. You can easily extend it at this height and use your binoculars when you stand up. This makes the application more pleasant, especially with long glass periods. In addition, it has an integrated balance hook that allows you to increase your stability.

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This lightweight tripod has a maximum weight capacity of 9 pounds. It features a bi-directional liquid pan head and an ergonomic grip that allows you to move the binoculars around with ease. A quick release plate with a standard 1/4-20 threaded mount provides a stable platform on which to easily mount your binoculars, camera scope, or small spotting scope.

Each leg has four different sections that can be shortened or lengthened with a simple locking lever. Even better, each leg can be adjusted to three different angles depending on the nature of the terrain. Two of the legs of the tripod have padded covers to keep it comfortable on the shoulder when carrying and comfortable in hand when making adjustments in the cold season. The tripod also comes with a carry case and shoulder strap.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • spirit levels
  • Impressive height of 69 inches
  • Retractable balance hook for added stability.
  • Designebene
  • Maximum weight capacity: 9 lbs.
  • Standard 1/4-20 thread mount
  • Bi-directional fluid head
  • ergonomic handle
  • Padded leg covers
  • Height and angle adjustable

7) Nikon Compact Outdoor Tripod, Black, 16794

The 7 best tripods for binoculars (7)

The Nikon Compact Outdoor Tripod is another high-quality option for those on a budget. This tripod is relatively affordable, compact and easy to use. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for their first binocular tripod.

Weighing just 2.3 pounds, this tripod is incredibly light and ideal for travel. It measures 49.61 inches in length when fully extended and lowers to 15.75 inches for compact and easy storage. When it comes to maximum weight capacity, the tripod has a load capacity of 5.5 pounds. This makes it ideal for small to medium binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras that weigh less than 32.8 ounces.

The fully adjustable, 360 degree rotating aluminum ball head features a quick release plate that locks the instrument in place. The ergonomic handle makes panning and tilting easy and hassle-free. In addition, the tripod has a versatile 90-degree tilt function and two bubble levels to make leveling easier.

Overall, this is your tripod of choice if you value portability and light weight.


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Economically
  • compact and light
  • Easy to use and configure
  • two spirit levels
  • comfort grip
  • Versatile 90 degree tilt function
  • Fully adjustable 360 ​​degree swivel aluminum ball head
  • Maximum weight capacity: 5.5 pounds

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Best buying guide for binocular tripods

Whether you are buying your first binocular tripod or looking to upgrade, here are some of the important factors to consider before making your purchase.

weight limit

The maximum weight limit is one of the important factors to consider when purchasing the best binocular tripods. You want the tripod to support your binoculars due to its weight and size.

Most basic small to medium binoculars weigh between 1 and 2.5 pounds. Most tripods can take this weight. However, if you have a large pair that weighs more than 5 pounds, look for a tripod with a higher maximum weight capacity.

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tripod material

The best tripods for binoculars are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum tripods are durable, lightweight and the best choice for people in cold environments due to their high resistance to cold. Carbon fibers lose their strength when exposed to lower temperatures, but aluminum does not. Aluminum tripods are also more economical.

Carbon fiber tripods are stronger and more durable. They are more expensive but worth it. They are less resistant to accidental impacts and are also lightweight.


How high is the tripod when extended? Height plays an important role in binocular tripods as it determines how comfortable your experience with the glasses will be. If you prefer to use the binoculars upright, find a tripod that is at least 6 inches taller than when it is fully extended. These binoculars are more comfortable because you don't have to regularly bend down to find the best viewing position.


The best tripods for binoculars should be lightweight and easy to carry. The last thing you want is a tripod that's heavy and difficult to transport. In addition, the tripod must be foldable for easy transport. Compact and lightweight tripods are the best tripods for outdoor enthusiasts who are always on the go.

tripod head

Another important factor is the quality of the tripod head. Large binoculars require heavy, durable tripod heads. So make sure you buy a tripod that fits your binoculars and needs. Avoid cheap tripods with plastic heads as they can break your valuable binoculars and drop them on the ground without warning.

How to mount binoculars on a tripod

Before mounting your binoculars on a tripod, you should have a binocular holder or adapter. Most binocular mounts are compatible with various tripods due to their universal design.

If you're new to the market, a mount is a metal plate combined with Velcro straps that wrap around your binoculars and hold them in place during use. They can be fiddly but very necessary, especially if your binoculars don't have a built-in threaded bushing.

The adapter plugs into the screw port on the right side of the binoculars, which is usually hidden under a protective flap or cover. An adapter helps lift the binoculars off the tripod mount for a more comfortable fit.

Why should you mount your binoculars on a tripod?

  • Hands-Free Viewing. Mounting your binoculars on your tripods takes the weight of the binoculars off your hands, providing a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Great stability. Binoculars mounted on a tripod are more stable than handheld binoculars. Not only does it improve stability when using high magnification binoculars, but also in windy weather.
  • Improved target detection. With great stability comes easy and effective target identification, especially when hunting.

frequently asked questions

  • Can you use a camera tripod for binoculars?

Absolutely. However, you must ensure that the tripod is strong enough to support the weight of your binoculars. It should also offer fine angle and height adjustment to make your glazing experience comfortable.

  • Do I have to match the binocular brand to the tripod?

You're welcome. You can use any compatible tripod with your binoculars. All you have to do is make sure you have the right mount or adapter for your binoculars. All binocular tripods and mounting plates have standard 1/4x20 screws built in and this is the connector you will find on your adapter or mount.


If you've never seen the importance of a binocular tripod, I hope this post has changed your mind. Tripods are an essential accessory for any outdoor hobbyist who has optical gear. All tripods listed above are quality products that are worth your investment. Get one of these and enjoy a convenient, hands-free drink.



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