Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (2023)

Until recently, GPS dog tracking was expensive and therefore reserved for professional environments.

Today, tracking devices are affordable and easy to use! Getting a GPS collar is a great idea for any pet parent whose four-legged friend spends a lot of time outdoors. Not only does being able to track your dog at any time make your life easier, it could literally save your dog's life.

If you want to add a GPS dog tracker to yourCollarArsenal, read on, this article is for you!


How does a GPS dog tracker work?

How to choose a dog tracking collar

Australia's best GPS dog tracker in 2023

final thoughts

common questions

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (1)

How does a GPS dog tracker work?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is the best and most used location technology in the world. The GPS system was developed by the US government but is now used all over the world for commercial and military purposes.

GPS is essentially a network of 24 satellites revolving around the Earth. These satellites allow you to determine the exact location on Earth of any device that can send and receive GPS signals.Yes, Big Brother is watching you!

GPS works on its own and does not require internet access. However, for you to be able to see your dog's location, the tracker must be able to send data to your dog. That's why most trackers these days also come with data and/or Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows you to see your dog's location in real time.

How to choose a dog tracking collar

In fact, there are quite a few GPS dog trackers out there these days. So how do you know which one to buy?

Before choosing a tracker, first check that it is suitable for the country you live in.

Not all have global coverage (everyone on our list below works in Australia). Here are a few more things to consider before making a decision:

height and weight

GPS trackers can get pretty bulky and heavy, but not all! Some are incredibly small. So what's the problem? Well, in most cases, smaller trackers also have a less powerful battery. The truth is, if your pup is a large breed, chances are he won't notice a dog tracker. On the other hand, size and weight become very important when your dog is smaller. After all, you don't want to make them uncomfortable.

range and accuracy

A proper GPS tracker should be able to locate your dog anywhere in the world. However, not all tracking devices are actually equipped with GPS. Some of them use Bluetooth or similar technologies and are only designed to locate the dog in a small area around it. So make sure you check what the tracker actually is before you buy it.

As far as accuracy is concerned, most GPS trackers report exact location, but not all do so as often. The best trackers update your dog's location every 2-3 seconds. Some lower quality options have a slight delay in updating the location. This can make it difficult for your dog to find you as we all know how fast they can run!


Any good GPS tracker must be designed to withstand the elements. There's no point in using a tracker if your dog loses or breaks it. So your GPS dog tracker must have a rigid outer shell. Bonus if it's waterproof too.

battery life

Battery life is extremely important when it comes to GPS collars. When your furry friend goes missing, you want the battery to last long enough to find him. Look for trackers with a battery that lasts at least 2 days. Less than that and you completely miss the point. The stronger the battery, the better.

user interface

A GPS collar collects data about your dog's location, but you need to be able to see that data somehow. Today, most pet trackers come with a dedicated app that you can access from your smartphone or computer. Some trackers even send SMS or email notifications.

monthly charges

Since most dog trackers use mobile data to transmit your dog's location to you, they usually require a monthly plan. So make sure you take this into account when checking the price of the device. Plans often cost less if you pay all year round.

additional properties

All GPS collars can track a dog's location, but some do more than that.

  • Most of these trackers allow you to create a virtual fence (geofence), which is a designated area where your dog is safe (like your backyard). As soon as the dog leaves this area, you will receive a notification.
  • Some trackers allow you to record commands that you can play back with your dog.
  • Some emit light and sound signals when your dog is lost, making it easier for you to find them.
  • Some GPS trackers also function as fitness trackers through companion apps. (Not essential, but can be fun.)

Think about which of these extra bells and whistles you might like!

Australia's best GPS dog tracker in 2023

Now that you know what to look for in a pet tracker, it's time to show you the best options available in Australia. No matter what you're looking for, one of the following products will meet your needs.

The Tractive GPS Dog Tracker is one of the most popular and trusted GPS pet trackers in Australia and around the world.

This dog stapler has all the features you could ever need. It comes with a built-in SIM card, so no complicated setup is required. You can use the device right away (as long as you have paid the monthly subscription).

Speaking of subscription, it can be quite affordable if you purchase the full year plan upfront.

The Tractive LTE GPS dog tracker is tested by our team of independent experts.

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (3)

Unlike other trackers that can be a little slow when showing location, Tractive actually gives you real-time data. More specifically, your dog's location is updated every 2-3 seconds.

Like any good GPS tracker, Tractive allows you to set up a virtual fence (geofence) so that you are notified when your dog leaves the designated area.

Another thing we like is the design of this tracker. It is a device made for outdoor use. Thanks to the strong outer coating, it is wear-resistant and completely waterproof (even swimming in it is fine).

This tracker also has decent battery life. Lasts up to 5 days on a single charge. While other manufacturers claim their batteries last much longer, in practice this is rarely the case, which is why we consider 5 days of battery life a win. Because of all these features, however, the Tractive is a bit clunky. The device is rectangular and weighs about 100 grams. Most dogs won't notice the tracker when attached to the collar, but if your four-legged friend is small, the size of this tracker might be too big.

Review verified - 04/11/2022
fantastic gps
"Fantastic GPS tracker. I'm a dog trainer and use this with the dogs I train. I love that it tells you when the battery is low and when it's fully charged. I highly recommend the Tractive!"


In contrast

  • Real-time location tracking

  • A monthly subscription is required to use the service.

  • virtual fence function

It can be too heavy for smaller dog breeds.

  • Integrated fitness tracker

to cell

  • Waterproof

to cell

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (4)

  • Licht
  • Unlimited distance tracking
  • good value for money
  • The battery can last from 2 days to a month.
  • waterproof cover

Tracki is a simple looking GPS tracker that packs a lot of features at a reasonable price. This little device allows you to track your dog's movement in real time and also has some additional features.

First, the Tracki app tells you whether your four-legged friend is moving or running. You can also set up a geofence around your garden, for example. If your dog leaves this designated area, Tracki will notify you. You can choose to receive these notifications via the app, SMS or email. This is great because you can access Tracki from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

Tracki 3G global real-time GPS tracker is tested by our team of independent experts.

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (5)

Tracki uses four different technologies for tracking: It combines Wi-Fi for indoor tracking with Bluetooth, GPS and GSM for outdoors. It tracks with no distance limit, so no matter how far your dog strays from your home, you'll see his exact location on this device.

Tracki comes with a rechargeable battery that can last anywhere from 2 days to a month, depending on your location tracking settings.

This GPS tracker comes with a built-in international SIM card that allows you to use an internet data connection. The monthly fee starts at $9.95, but there are no additional activation, roaming, or termination fees.

Tracki comes with a silicone case that makes it waterproof. This is important because you don't want a few splashes in the puddle to keep you from finding your stray dog. That means it's not fully waterproof, so keep that in mind!

Classification confirmed -22.11.2022
Impressed with device performance so far
“As stated in its description, Tracki is tied to the provider's server and app and requires a monthly subscription. I opted for a 12 month plan which costs around 23p per day (Australian). Easy setup, it was working in about 10 minutes after payment was confirmed, I installed it behind the speedometer cover. Being exposed to the elements, a waterproof silicone rubber boot comes in handy in my case.

As a small flaw, the device has a certain thirst for battery consumption, so we recommend opting for an additional high-capacity battery.

Accuracy was certainly incredible for such a small package, ranging from 2-3 meters and up to 50 meters with occasional 2km false errors.


In contrast

  • Licht

  • Setup can be a little tricky

  • Unlimited distance tracking

to cell

  • good value for money

to cell

  • The battery can last from 2 days to a month.

to cell

  • waterproof cover

to cell

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (6)

  • You can track location for up to 336 hours
  • Allows you to create custom round trip notifications and geofence areas
  • Affordable monthly fee with a long-term plan
  • Affordable monthly fee with a long-term plan

The first thing that strikes you about the GeoZilla tracker is its modern and elegant design. It's small and lightweight - it only weighs 30 grams, so even the smallest of dogs can wear it around their neck without feeling bulky. Just clip it onto your dog's leash and gone are the days of not knowing where your adventurous canine companion is going.

You can connect the GeoZilla to your device via an app, and once paired, you can share access to the tracker with other family members. You can also create custom departure and arrival notifications for specific locations. For example, if your child takes the dog to day care once a day, the device will notify you. Of course you can set up a geofence area that will notify you when your dog leaves it.

GeoZilla service plans start at $19 per month.

The tracker comes with a 520mAh rechargeable lithium battery. According to the manufacturer, the tracker stays on for up to 5 days and sends location updates every minute before needing to be charged. When GeoZilla is not being tracked or used, it uses a battery saver mode technology that extends battery life.


In contrast

  • Affordable monthly fee with a long-term plan

  • Customer service can only be contacted via the app or email.

  • Allows you to create custom round trip notifications and geofence areas

to cell

  • Affordable monthly fee with a long-term plan

to cell

  • Battery lasts up to 5 days with a 1-minute refresh interval

to cell

#4: Best pet tracker with no monthly subscription:Pet Tracker GPS PETFON

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (7)

  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Allows you to define different zones
  • it's waterproof
  • Sound and light alarm for easier detection
  • It comes with a portable charger.

This GPS tracker is specially designed to closely monitor our dog's efforts. It's the perfect tool for walking your canine best friend as you don't have to worry about the two of you separating.

Petfon combines GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and long-range wireless technologies to access your dog's location. It does not use network signals, so there is no monthly subscription. Although it is a little more expensive than other SIM-based GPS trackers, it is a worthwhile one-time investment. As it does not use network signals, its range is not unlimited: it can reach up to 5.5 km in open environments and 1 km in busy places such as parks.

PETFON GPS Pet Tracker is tested by our team of independent experts.

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (8)

With the Petfon tracker, you can set up a virtual fence and notify you when your dog leaves the area. You can also set a danger zone that will alert you if your dog tries to set foot there.

Another good option that Petfon offers is a speaker that emits sound alerts and a recorder that allows you to save voice commands. In this way, you can try to communicate with your pet remotely. In addition, this tracker can emit colorful lights to help you locate your four-legged friend in a dark or foggy environment.

Electronics are great for your dog, but water is often enemy number one. Quite complicated when most dogs love to go for walks when it rains or snows and they have endless fun with sprinklers and puddles. Fortunately for us, the manufacturer had this in mind when developing the Petfon. This tracker is durable and waterproof, and you can be sure that no possible accidents will stop it from working.

The battery lasts between 8 and 16 hours depending on the distance, and you get a portable charger case that can charge the device up to three times.

Review verified - 08/16/2022
great concept
"Great idea. I love the Google Earth view of the pet area, but I found it difficult to sync the three devices.

It's great to see if the dog is chasing our sheep or out of bounds, but you need to take the controller with you to chase the dog. I tried up to 1.5 km. Need another plastic holder as one broke. Overall, with a few refinements, it's a great concept. I love Google Earth to see where the dog is. About 20 seconds late."


In contrast

  • No monthly subscriptions

  • limited choice

  • Allows you to define different zones

  • Low battery

  • it's waterproof

to cell

  • Sound and light alarm for easier detection

to cell

  • It comes with a portable charger.

to cell

#5: Best Bluetooth Nameplate:Pawscout's Smartest Pet Tag

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (9)

  • Accessible
  • Waterproof
  • Sends an alert when our dog goes out of range of your phone
  • It comes with a nice app for your phone.

Attention: This is not a GPS tracker!Therefore, if your pet gets lost, this tag will not tell you its exact location. If you're specifically looking for a true GPS tracker then this isn't for you, but this smart tag is a great device for responsible, tech-savvy pet owners.

The Pawscout tag is actually a Bluetooth beacon that can locate your pet within your phone's Bluetooth range (about 100 meters). This alone isn't enough to locate a lost dog, but it can alert you when your dog is too far away so you can take immediate action. In a way, this little tag works like a virtual wristband.

The Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag is tested by our team of independent experts.

Top 5 GPS Dog Collar Options in Australia (Buyer's Guide 2023) - (10)

What we really like about this tracker is the Pawscout app. With this app, you can create your dog's profile and keep track of everything related to your furry friend, including tracking their daily walks. If your pet is lost, this app can send you alerts when your dogs are within reach of others with the Pawscout app.

In short, it's not as good as a real GPS tracker, but this small, light and affordable tag can also be very useful.

Review verified - 12/23/2022
simple and effective
“I was impressed with how easy Pawscout was to set up and use - I took it out of the box, paired it and installed it on my son in less than five minutes.

My favorite feature is that it can give access to multiple users, whether it's a pet owner or a guardian, which comes in handy when my dog ​​is at his cousin's house or someone at my house is watching him.

The UX is simple and easy to understand and I love all the descriptions you can add for your pet.

My GPS is sometimes a little inaccurate, but not enough to cause major problems. I recommend this device to anyone who wants to keep an eye on their beloved dog. For the cost, it does the job for sure."


In contrast

  • Accessible

  • It is not a GPS tracker

  • Waterproof

to cell

  • Sends an alert when our dog goes out of range of your phone

to cell

  • It comes with a nice app for your phone.

to cell

final thoughts

The Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker and Tracki 3G Real-Time Worldwide GPS Tracker are the market leaders when it comes to GPS collars for dogs. Both are reliable and have more or less the same characteristics. In the end, it's up to you to decide which one you like best.

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common questions

Are GPS collars for dogs safe?

Yes, GPS collars are perfectly safe for dogs (when used correctly). However, putting a GPS collar on your dog does not mean that he is completely safe. You should never let a dog roam free with just the leash to tell you where he is.

Does a GPS tracker need a SIM card?

Most GPS pet trackers these days use a SIM card, but it's usually built into the device so you don't have to do anything. The SIM card is needed so that the tracker can access the mobile data network to transmit your dog's location to your phone.

Do pet microchips have GPS?

No, pet microchips do not have GPS and are not intended to reveal your dog's location. The microchips, commonly implanted in dogs, use a technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to reveal information stored on the microchip, such as your contact information, when scanned. In this way, microchips help identify a lost dog, but they cannot be used to track the location of a lost pet.


What is the best GPS dog collar on the market? ›

Our top picks:
  • Best Dog GPS Tracker Overall. Whistle GO Explore. $88 at Amazon. ...
  • Best Value Dog GPS Tracker. tractive Waterproof GPS Tracker. $50 at Amazon. ...
  • Best GPS Tracker for Small Dogs. Jiobit Smallest GPS Tracker. $130 at Amazon. ...
  • Best GPS Tracker with Additional Features. Fi Series 2. ...
  • Best Bluetooth Dog Tracker. Tile Tile Pro.
Oct 27, 2022

Are GPS dog collars worth it? ›

Dog collars with implanted GPS trackers are also affordable, widely available, and well worth the investment. They're quite similar to the GPS trackers used to track wildlife migration, and they can help you find your lost pet's exact location in a matter of minutes.

Do fi collars work in Australia? ›

The Fi Collar can only connect to the AT&T network in the United States. Therefore, while abroad, the collar cannot remotely track your dog or provide GPS/LTE updates, such as Lost Dog Mode notifications.

Is a smart dog collar worth it? ›

Conclusion. As you could see, getting a smart dog collar is the best step you can take in taking care of your dog and training it. Technology developments help us improve how we live, and since now, we can use them to improve how our dogs live, there's no reason we shouldn't do it!

What collars do vets recommend? ›

The calming collar most commonly recommended by Dr. O'Sullivan is Adaptil, while other veterinarians recommend Sentry.

What collars do police dogs use? ›

The basic collar that each dog in the K9 program wears is a chain choke collar. The handlers mostly use the stationary ring of the collar when leading the dog, and sometimes the active ring when corrections might be needed.

What is the best tracking device? ›

10+ Best GPS Trackers For 2023 [All-purpose Best Sellers]
  • Comparison of the top GPS Trackers.
  • #1) Cube Tracker.
  • #2) Tracki 2022 model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker.
  • #3) LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker.
  • #4) Garmin vivofit jr. ...
  • #5) Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker.
  • #6) Vyncs-GPS Tracker for Vehicles 4G.
  • #7) GPS Tracker-Optimus 2.0 4G LTE.
Feb 12, 2023

How long does a GPS collar last? ›

The battery life of the GPS tracker varies from one to another. But on average, a GPS device can also last up to 6-12 months without active tracking.

Is tile or AirTag better for dogs? ›

Apple AirTag

AirTags have a leg up on most other Bluetooth trackers like Tile since they use new and more precise ultra wideband positioning tech. After testing the AirTags, I found them to be more intuitive, reliable, and easier to use than Tile trackers.

Does Fi collar work outside the US? ›

Does this collar work if I live outside the US? The Fi collar can only connect to the AT&T network in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), so if your dog lives or travels internationally, it will not function properly.

Is American bully ban in Australia? ›

It is illegal to accept ownership of such a dog. If you already own such a dog, you must desex and register it with the City of Sydney. The restricted dogs law applies to: American pitbull or pit bull terriers.

Does Pawtrack work in Australia? ›


Pawtrack is designed to work in over 171 countries worldwide! So where ever you are in the world.

What is comparable to the halo collar? ›

With the recent addition of a small collar, the SpotOn virtual fence now has sizes to fit dogs with neck sizes between 10” and 26”, making it more suitable for smaller dogs. Like Halo, the SpotOn fence is also waterproof and has a rechargeable battery. However, SpotOn's battery lasts only between 12 to 18 hours.

What is the smartest collar ever built? ›

SpotOn is one of the best smart collars in the market as it offers the most innovative True Location GPS technology. It boasts a rechargeable battery that can last up to 18 hours.

Is fi or whistle better? ›

Both are durable devices, however, Fi is still the best choice thanks to its aluminum metal armor being more durable than Whistle's rubber attachment and a slightly better waterproof rating. It also has a more advanced battery, expected to last up to 3 months, whereas the Whistle is only expected to last up to 30 days.

What collars does Cesar Millan use? ›

Cesar has partnered with Halo on our mission to make the world a safer place for dogs, and his training methodology was baked into every aspect of the Halo Collar – from the training modules to the way the collar's Feedback works.

Which type of dog collar is considered the safest and most humane? ›

Martingale Dog Collars. Martingale collars are one of the most popular types of training collars because they are the most comfortable and the safest to use. This style of collar is designed to tighten or cinch up a little bit when your dog pulls but then loosens comfortably when they are walking appropriately.

What type of collar is best for dog training? ›

The Best Dog Training Collars on the Market
  • Choke Collars.
  • Martingale Training Collars.
  • Shock Collars.
  • Anti-bark Training Collars.
  • Virtual Fence Systems.
  • Remote or Electronic Dog Training Collars.
  • Gentle Leader Head Collar.
  • Easy Walk Harness.
Oct 17, 2022

Do police use e-collars to train dogs? ›

E-collars are the wireless modern way to train police K-9s. Consisting of a special collar equipped with batteries, electric contact points and a radio receiver tuned to the handler's handheld transmitter, e-collars allow police K-9s to be trained off-leash and at a distance.

What collar stops dogs from pulling? ›

Best Dog Collars For Pulling – Our Top 8 Choices
  • PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness.
  • Starmark Pro-Training Plastic Dog Collar.
  • Sporn Dog Halter.
  • 2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness.
  • Coastal Pet Walk 'n Train Dog Head Halter.
  • PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar.
Jan 19, 2023

What equipment do police dog handlers use? ›

Harness and Leash

Even with all their training, police dogs still need leashes and harnesses that enable their partners to control them better. The harnesses can be very useful for the partners, as they can hold various first responders' kits that may save lives when on the job.

What is the most accurate location tracker? ›

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Tracking Apps of 2022
  • Best Phone Tracking App Overall — mSpy.
  • Best for Real-Time Monitoring, Runner-up — uMobix.
  • Best Cell Phone Tracker App to Monitor Calls — FlexiSpy.
  • Best for GPS Location Tracking — Spyic.
  • Best for Employee Monitoring — Cocospy.
Jul 5, 2022

What are three types of tracking devices? ›

There are three main types of vehicle tracking devices:
  • Professionally installed (hard-wired)
  • Self-installed (plug-and-play)
  • Mobile Application.

What is better than LoJack? ›

Is there a LoJack Alternative? Yes! Actually, the LoneStar Tracking system is less expensive, has better coverage and has more features.

Is there a GPS tracker that doesn't need charging? ›

A hardwired GPS trackers like our Livewire Dash Vehicle Tracker get their power from your car's electrical system, so there are no batteries to charge. They require a quick, relatively simple installation and, they're completely invisible inside your car; the driver will only know it's there if you choose to tell him.

What is the lifespan of a GPS? ›

In terms of total lifespan, most GPS watches are lasting 7+ years. However, ALL GPS watches rely on rechargeable batteries, which do have a lifespan.

Should you remove a dog's collar at night? ›

All veterinarians and dog trainers would agree that the collar is not designed to be a 24/7 accessory. Another good reason to remove it at night is nonstop wear could cause fur to break off leading to irritation or infection. The risk jumps if the collar frequently gets wet or if it's a bit too tight.

Why are AirTags not recommended for pets? ›

At 1.26 inches in diameter, ‌AirTags‌ are able to fit easily on a dog's collar, but that size also makes the tracking devices small enough to swallow, at least for a medium to large-sized dog, and a quick internet search indicates multiple incidents where dogs gobbled up an AirTag.

Why is Apple tag better than Tile? ›

Ultra Wideband and Precision Tracking

AirTag also has an additional tracking technology that Tile does not have, Ultra Wideband, which enables a unique close-range tracking experience that Tile is unable to match. Each AirTag contains an Apple-designed U1 chip for Ultra Wideband connectivity.

What is the range of Apple AirTag for dog? ›

Here's a list of disadvantages of using an AirTag on your pet: The Bluetooth range is estimated to be only 800 feet, which isn't big enough to find a lost dog on its own using just your phone.

Do you need to GPS subscription with a Fi collar? ›

A subscription is optional for Fi Series 2 Collars, but it is highly recommended. A subscription gives you access to the full capabilities of your dog's Fi Collar, which allows remote access to your dog's location and activity.

Can dog be left alone with E collar? ›

As a general rule of thumb, the dog should not be wearing the e-collar uninterruptedly for more than 4 hours a day. Most of the time, owners flout this rule when they forget to take the e-collar off the dog, allowing their canine friend to wear the e-collar throughout the night.

What is the GPS range of the Fi collar? ›

The Fi collar uses a home base, LTE-M cell signal, and GPS to achieve tracking speed and accuracy. It's the first dog collar to use the LTE-M cellular network, which reaches 30% farther than 3G/4G/5G/LTE. In an open field, GPS tracking is accurate within 7 feet.

Can you bring dog from USA to Australia? ›

An import permit is necessary to import your pet into Australia. You will need to submit the application and the supporting documentation that includes rabies vaccination, the rabies titre test declaration and the rabies titre test laboratory report.

Do dogs have to quarantine in Australia from USA? ›

Yes. Cats and dogs must arrive directly into Melbourne International Airport where we will transfer them to the post entry quarantine facility. They cannot land in another Australian airport and travel to Melbourne on an Australian domestic flight.

Can you import a dog from America to Australia? ›

A valid import permit, with a veterinary health certificate completed by an official government veterinarian in the country of export must accompany the dog on arrival in Australia.

Does tractive work in Australia? ›

The Tractive GPS Dog 4 tracker works in over 150 countries, Australia included. It's got its own SIM card and can connect to networks worldwide, using the best available mobile / cellular network to send its GPS location to your smart phone.

What GPS do AFL players use? ›

For the first time, teams across the AFL, AFLW, and AFL Pathways will use Catapult's Vector devices to empower data-driven decisions to improve player performance, quantify decisions to help mitigate the risk of injuries, and inform return-to-play processes.

Does Australia have a GPS system? ›

To determine position, velocity and time we rely on global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technology. Due to our geographic location, Australia is one of a few countries in the world with high visibility to four global and two regional navigation satellite systems.

Is SpotOn or Halo better? ›

Halo provides superior value versus SpotOn. While both are wireless GPS fences that contain your dog, Halo does it for a fraction of the price. A SpotOn dog collar costs about $1,500 – and that price only gets you the collar itself. Halo regularly offers their GPS dog collar fence on sale as low as $649 or $699.

Is SpotOn collar worth it? ›

The SpotOn Collar is one of the most popular GPS dog fences and smart collars in 2023. But is it really worth the high price tag? Short answer, absolutely! It's by far one of the best solutions to letting your dog roam off-leash in your backyard while still having peace of mind.

Is Halo dog collar worth it? ›

With additional features such as a 21-day training program, wireless fences, state-of-the-art activity tracking, and more, the Halo Collar is an industry leader. I highly recommend using the Halo system for your dog if you're looking for a reliable training, containment, and tracking solution.

What is a Murphy collar? ›

Murphy Dog Collars are unique, beautiful dog collars handmade in Devon covered in exclusively vintage and mid-century fabrics, and all profits go to Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus, where we got Murphy dog.

Which collar is the most commonly used? ›

The Classic Collar – also known as the Point Collar or the Straight Collar – is the most common style of shirting collar. Shirts that feature this collar are adaptable, making them a great transitional garment for day-to-night wear.

What kind of collar does Brandon McMillan use? ›

Along with hand signals, Brandon McMillan trains Milo using a vibration collar. The collar allows Milo to be alerted to calls/commands when he is not near Brandon!

What's better dog whistle or clicker? ›

But in dog training we need to use whistles for cues. Not only are they the traditional tool for the job, they are also much better cues than clickers. Their sound carries a long way, and can be lengthened or shortened to create several different signals, such as the recall, the turn, and the stop signal.

What is the most effective dog whistle? ›

If you're looking for the best silent dog whistle, the Acme 535 is a top contender. It has an adjustable frequency, between 5,800Hz and 12,400Hz, that you set with the pitch register. While it's not very audible for humans, dogs can hear it up to 400 yards away.

Can you GPS track a dog with a microchip? ›

Pet microchips do not have GPS technology. Instead, they use Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that is able to be scanned for information, like the pet owner's contact information. This means that microchips can't give your pet's location if they get lost, but can lead to their safe return when found.

How far do AirTags work for dogs? ›

Here's a list of disadvantages of using an AirTag on your pet: The Bluetooth range is estimated to be only 800 feet, which isn't big enough to find a lost dog on its own using just your phone.

How much does a dog tracking chip implant cost? ›

The average cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around $45, which is a one–time fee and often includes registration in a pet recovery database. If your pet was adopted from a shelter or purchased from a breeder, your pet may already have a microchip.

How much does 24petwatch cost? ›

There's no cost, but so many benefits! When you create an account, you're connecting your contact information to your pet's microchip. So, if your pet ever goes missing and is found, we'll be able to contact you.

Can I track my dogs microchip with my phone? ›

Unfortunately, no. A smart phone can not and will not ever be able to read a pet's microchip. There are no apps for iphone or android that do this and there never will be. There will never be an iphone, android- google, samsung or otherwise that will ever have that capability.

What is better than a gentle leader? ›

The Halti is more comfortable

Because the Halti generally fits more loosely than the Gentle Leader, it's generally more comfortable for dogs to wear.

What is the best dog collar that doesn't choke? ›

The martingale is a type of collar that keeps dogs safely on-leash without choking them.

What is the difference between a martingale collar and a slip collar? ›

The biggest difference between martingale and slip collars is in how they function. The martingale tightens against the dog's neck using the two lengths of extra rope. In this way, the collar tightens with a center lift against itself. When fitted properly, martingale collars should not choke dogs.

How far can Apple AirTag track? ›

From Near to Far

It's important to note the limits of the AirTag. It's not a true GPS tracker, as it relies on being within 30 feet of someone's iPhone to deliver its location to the network.

Do AirTags work from any distance? ›

AirTags do not have a defined range because they work within the range of Apple's Find My network. This means as long as an AirTag is within Bluetooth range of anybody's iPhone (or other Apple device), it can passively communicate with it and then help you locate it.

What is the maximum distance for AirTag? ›

Therefore, and regardless of the actual range of an AirTag, the operating distance is 10 meters. It is worth keeping in mind that this is also usually considered to be the maximum range, as there are additional factors that can limit the distance of a Bluetooth connection.

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