Top 5 Wireless GPS Dog Fences of 2023 (Top Collar Reviews) (2023)

Are you looking for the best wireless GPS dog fence? If so, consider the AngelaKerry 850YD, XFOX GPS Wireless Fence, and Petector GPS Collar. I also recommend AngelaKerry EF 815S and OCEVEN GPS Wireless Fence. All of this provides portable and convenient ways to accommodate your dog on the go.

Unlike traditional wireless fences that use radio signals, GPS collar fences use aerial signals from satellites. This is a great option if your area has steep hills and inclines. The GPS signal can traverse almost any terrain as long as there are no dense trees or tall structures. Discover it hereThe best wireless fence for hills

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If you're looking for a wireless GPS fence, these five options are great investments.

What is the best wireless GPS dog fence system?

1. Best Overall Choice:AngelaKerry 850YD Wireless Dog Fence System

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If you're looking for the best wireless GPS dog fence, consider the AngelaKerry 850YD. This wireless fence has a maximum radial range of 800 meters. Grab your dog anywhere with a minimum error of less than 5 meters.

Also, this wireless fence has strong anti-interference ability. You can climb hills and slopes as long as your dog is in the clearing. Unlike radio signals, GPS signals reduce the chance of accidental repairs or warnings.

Additionally, the AngelaKerry 850YD has an automatic correction cycle. As soon as your dog approaches the threshold, the collar will emit alert tones.

However, if your dog decides to come out of hiding, he will receive a 20 second static correction. This is followed by a one minute shutdown before the 20 second correction is repeated. In total, this wireless GPS fence generates three correction cycles to encourage your dog to get back to being safe.

Another thing I like about the AngelaKerry 850YD is that it doesn't have a transmitter. Instead, you can adjust the range on the collar, which has a digital readout and adjustment knobs.

There is also a separate knob to adjust the level of static correction according to your dog's sensitivity. In general, this is for dogs that are between 15 lbs. up to 120 lbs. I also like that the collar is not too bulky and fit our Beagle pup and Golden Retriever well.


  • 800 meter maximum range 5 levels of adjustable static correction Suitable for dogs up to 120 lbs Automatic correction cycle Waterproof wireless GPS sealing collar 1 year warranty 90 day money back guarantee The necklace is not bulky or heavy


  • I wish they could make the neck strap a little stiffer so it stays in place for many hours.

2. First choice:XFOX GPS Wireless Fence Collar

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Another wireless dog fence with GPS tracking that I recommend is from XFOX. This model has a maximum radial range of up to 2625 feet or 800 meters. this will be yoursThe dog can safely roam a large areawithout being tied to a leash or playpen.

Additionally, the XFOX Wireless Fence GPS Boundary Collar has five adjustable shock levels. This allows you to easily choose the level of correction that suits your dog's personality and tolerance.

Like Angela Kerry's, this wireless GPS fence emits three correction cycles to urge your dog to back off. This prevents overcorrection and gives your dog a chance to back off to avoid further shock.

In addition, XFOX GPS Wireless Fence has a built-in rechargeable battery. Each full charge can run for 15 hours, which is more than enough for a day of adventures with your dog. It's also waterproof so your pet can walk in the rain or into nearby sprinklers.

To set the range of this wireless GPS fence, simply select the distance you want to use. After that, hold down the "P" key to "position" the area. Hold down the button until the digits "00" stop flashing. This means that the gap has been fixed and you are good. Discover it herebest fence for large dogs


  • IP67 Waterproof Collar n 5 Adjustable Static Corrections 15 Hour Runtime for Each Charge Up to 800 Meters Max Range Easy Setup Auto Shut Off Features Works in Mountainous Areas 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Nothing for very large dogs.

3. Best value:Wireless dog fence with Petector GPS

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The Petector GPS Wireless Dog Fence offers a complete training package. It comes with a wireless fence collar, 50 training flags, a charger, 4 contact points, a leash, and instructions in English. As a customizable GPS dog fence, you can use it at home or when traveling with your dog outdoors.

In general, it has a circular range of 800 meters with stable GPS signaling. You can also use the 7 adjustable correction levels to adjust your dog's tolerance. In addition, it is equipped with warning tones and a static discharge to encourage your dog to return to a safe place.

It also uses an automatic correction cycle to prevent your dog from over-correcting. There are also silent windows to give your pet a chance to run back into bounds before the next fix begins.

I also like that this collar has a patch free reentry. Therefore, you will not punish your dog for running back to a safe place.

This generally works with American GPS signaling and is suitable for dogs with a neck circumference of 6 to 25 inches. The collar is also waterproof and will work even if your dog is out in the rain.

Also, the collar of this wireless fence kit only weighs 19.4 ounces. So for a wireless GPS fence with such a long range, it's pretty light.

My only caveat for this wireless dog fence is that it's not the easiest to set up. I can't set limits when I'm inside, which is a shame when it's so sunny outside. Other than that, this is a very good GPS radio fence, especially for travel.


  • Patchless re-entry Runs up to 800 meters Packaged with 50 training flags 7 adjustable correction and alert levels Automatic correction shutdowns Waterproof, rechargeable radio fence collars Works on virtually any terrain


  • It's not easy to set up, but it gets the job done.
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4. Budget selection:AngelaKerry EF 851S Wireless GPS Fence

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Another AngelaKerry GPS wireless fence that I recommend is the EF 851S. This also has a maximum circular range of 800 meters with precise and timely correction.

In addition, AngelaKerry EF 851S has strong signal penetration that works on hills, slopes, and other terrain. The GPS signal also prevents your neighbor's wireless fence from interfering with yours. Although there are many GPS radio fences in the area, the signal remains stable and reliable.

This wireless GPS dog collar also has an automatic correction cycle. It delivers three 20-second rounds of static correction if your dog crosses the threshold. Don't worry, there is a 1 minute break between each round so your dog can get back to safety.

next toAngela Kerry GPS-FunkzaunIt can be used on lake shores, fields, hills, mountains and just about anywhere. As long as there are no large structures or overhead obstructions, you can count on this collar to keep your dog within the designated range.

I also like the 1 year warranty that comes with this wireless fence. You can also return the device within 90 days if you are not satisfied with its performance. You are entitled to a full refund.

In addition to the collar, you also get four metal contact points, a charger, an LED test light, and an English user manual.


  • 1-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee Automatic correction cycle High signal penetration Waterproof and rechargeable collar Maximum range of up to 800 meters 7 levels of correction sensitivity


  • It will not work well on cloudy days.
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5. vice champion:OCEVEN wireless GPS dog fence

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My final pick is the OCEVEN Wireless GPS Dog Fence System. This fence uses a reliable GPS signal system that prevents your dog from getting lost. It also has a strong anti-interference function to prevent accidental shaking or wrong correction.

The OCEVEN GPS wireless dog fence also has a safe training mode. Alert your dog with beeps as soon as you leave the border. A 20 second static shock will accompany it.

As long as your dog does not return to the area, the collar will continue to release the correction. A total of three correction cycles are issued, which is more than enough to encourage a stubborn dog to return to safety.

We tried using this on a plantation near our house. My dog ​​was running happily and we had no blinking signal at the maximum range of 800 meters. It's also a good choice if you take your dog to the riverbank, campsite, farm, or anywhere there is a clearing or open space.

For your peace of mind, your purchase of the OCEVEN Wireless Dog Fence with GPS is covered by a 1-year warranty. You are also entitled to a 90-day money-back guarantee if the collar does not work or if you are not satisfied with the results.

Overall, this wireless fence is a practical option if you want to give your dog freedom without getting lost.


  • Max range up to 800 meters 1 year warranty with 90 days money back guarantee Automatic correction cycle Packed with free dog toy Waterproof GPS collar Less than 1% range error Correction power off function to prevent a excessive punishment


  • Not for areas with structures within 10 meters.

How to choose a wireless GPS fence for dogs?

There are several wireless dog fences on the market to choose from. So we can't help but wonder what are the best wireless dog fences to buy. When it comes to wireless GPS fences, the things I look for are:


GPS wireless fencesthey are known for their enormous circular range. The premium models on the market can offer a range of up to 800 meters. This is a great option if you plan to take your dog out into a huge field with hills.

In addition to the maximum range, you should also check the GPS coverage minimum range setting. This allows you to keep your dog in a much smaller area in case there is danger around him.

In general, the range should be adjustable and easy to set. Note that when setting the GPS range, you must be in the center of the intended coverage.

Operating conditions

One of the biggest challenges when using GPS collars is the operating conditions. It can navigate almost any terrain, but performance varies when structures are close together.

Most of the GPS collars I buy for my dog ​​need to be at least 10 meters from any structure. Also, you should check whether the dense trees cover the sky. In this case, the signal may not penetrate as far as it should go to the Collar Receiver.

That being said, most wireless GPS fences may not perform optimally on cloudy or rainy days. Because GPS satellites are high above the clouds.

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It is very important to keep this part in mind so that you can set your expectations correctly.

signal stability

Then check the stability of the GPS radio fence signal. For the most part you should be able to negotiate small structures and multiple trees. We have personally tried using GPS collars in the woods, and most of these have worked well in areas that are sparsely surrounded by trees.

error range

The margin of error of a wireless GPS fence refers to the possible inconsistency at the edges. Always look for a GPS collar with an error rate of less than 5%. The lower the better.

I suggest checking the wireless GPS fence first to see how many bugs there are. This allows you to adjust the range accordingly. In my experience, if you don't maximize the reach of the fence, the margin of error can be avoided.

correction levels

Every dog ​​has a different tolerance for static correction, so the wireless fence you get should be of adjustable intensity. This way you can set up the static shock that will encourage your dog to come back to safety.

Also, always look for a beep mode. This way you can teach your dog to recognize limits. It will also teach the dog that if he ignores the audible warning, a static discharge will occur.


Last but not least, always make sure there is a decent warranty on the wireless GPS fence you are going to buy. That way, you can return the device if it turns out to be faulty or doesn't meet your expectations.

Do GPS dog fences work?

GPS radio fences work when dogs are confined within a property. By using signals from aerial satellites, wireless GPS billboards can offer greater range and greater signal penetration. However, you need to make sure that there are no large blockages that could interfere with the signal.

Can a wireless GPS collar work in the city?

GPS collars can work in an urban environment. However, when numerous tall buildings surround the area, signal reception can be erratic. Please note that Wireless GPS Collars use satellite signals, so high structures may affect their performance.

Are wireless GPS billboards better than traditional wireless billboards?

Wireless GPS billboards are more portable and convenient to use than traditional billboards with a radio signal system. It is the perfect choice when traveling with your dog. GPS radio fences are also great alternatives if you live in an area with steep slopes.

Can a dog walk through a GPS radio fence?

A dog can only cross the GPS radio fence and escape if it enters a structure. As soon as your dog is visible from above, the signal transmission will stop. Standing under dense trees can also disrupt a fence's GPS radio signal.

How long do GPS fence collars last?

A GPS radio fence collar will last for years with good care. In addition, the lifespan of this wireless fence depends on the intensity of use, the weather and exposure to external elements. The collar is usually the first to show signs of damage.

Are fencing collars with GPS reliable?

GPS radio fences are reliable containment systems. When used in the clearing, this fence will give your dog a larger space to roam without escaping. However, you should always check the collar to make sure it has enough battery life.

Are GPS radio fences good for growing area?

Yes, GPS billboards are good for properties. This is an inexpensive alternative to building a physical fence around the area. Just make sure you set your GPS range correctly for the best results. read herewireless fence for surface

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To involve

The Best Wireless GPS Dog Fence is a portable option for confining your dog. Unlike traditional radio signals, GPS works in a variety of terrains. It also has a longer range and reliable correction, all packed into a small collar.

Brands like AngelaKerry, XFOX, Petector, and OCEVEN are just a few of the best brands to consider. Do you have something to add? Share with us below!


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